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2012 NFL Week 9 Recap, Analysis: Dallas Cowboys vs. Atlanta Falcons

Earlier this year, JR Ewing and the crew threw on their Stetsons for a triumphant return to primetime television. The glitz, drama, and family fortune harkened back to the heyday of Texas abundance in the 1980s, including the football team that reigned above all others. Unfortunately, the football Cowboys look to have herded their last bounty.

Despite hanging in the game early, Dallas left the game empty-handed, while Atlanta won 19-13 and kept their perfect season intact. While the Cowboys’ defense handed the game to the Falcons at the end, they weren’t given many points on the board to work with. Atlanta was methodical and played with a purpose. The ‘Boys looked jerky and discombobulated. Bottom line? The Cowboys have no hope of contending this year with their current offensive arsenal.

Jerry Jones hired Jason Garrett because of his offensive prowess. Equipped with a high-dollar offensive coaching staff, the Cowboys offense has merely sputtered this season. Tony Romo, historically a consistent QB, has been dismal, and he has only thrown for a measly 3 touchdowns in the past three games. He has 10 TDs this season compared with 13 interceptions.

The Cowboys have dropped 9 of their last 13 games, and Dallas fans (and owner Jerry Jones) are rightly agitated by the unfulfilled promises of a Cowboys revival. Late breaking news out of New Orleans says that Sean Payton’s contract is not being extended by the Saints. Could Payton’s undeniable coaching skills help turnaround the Cowboys? Has Jason Garrett been given enough time to prove himself? The drama that will be churning up in the Cowboys front office should be exciting in the coming weeks.


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