2012 NFL Week 9 Recap, Analysis: Chicago Bears vs. Tennessee Titans


The Tennessee Titans, frankly, just looked lost in Sunday’s 32 point loss at home to the Bears. It was 60 minutes of pathetic butterball tossing that resembled a varsity-junior varsity scrimmage.

It started hilariously in the first quarter with a blocked punt for a touchdown, and a strange safety for the Titans due to “illegal use of the hands in the end zone.” The Titans then proceeded to make a good Chicago Bears team look like gods of the gridiron, by allowing a couple of short field drives for touchdowns and an URLACHER pick six. Watching Urlacher rumble to the end zone was enough to send some of the Music City fans to the concession stands early to beat the halftime rush but more likely to grab a beer. Urlacher’s rough and tumble scamper into the endzone marked the 7th pick six that the Bears have snagged this season.

The Bears jumped out to a 31-2 lead before Big Boot Bironas hit a 39-yard field goal to give the Titans a score of “5” going into halftime. Normally a team that puts two up on the board aren’t getting dominated by 27 at halftime so you may never see a 31-5 score at halftime ever again. Then, right on cue, the Titans cap their opening 2nd half drive with an immaculate throw and catch from Matt Hasselbeck to Nate Washington. There is no middle ground for the boys in blue, it’s either greatness or horror. No grey area in execution and style, just the good, the bad and the ugly. Marshall and Gould added 20 unanswered before the Titans, yet again, looked like a dangerous team as speed-demon Chris Johnson squeaked an 80-yard touchdown in the 4th. Even though it was against some very clean Bears bench jerseys, it still reminded Tennessee that they have powerful weapons…that just happen to get jammed all the time.

Honestly, I feel bad for Tennessee NFL fans. They bring you a franchise that can only be good enough to get close to greatness in the Superbowl era, then years of mediocrity, followed by more “close but no cigar” campaigns. Whether it was the Houston Oilers, the Tennessee Oilers, or the Tennessee Titans, it seems like they are sent “miracles” to get them wins, and curses to leave them “a yard short.” I’d rather see each end of the spectrum in my fan-life. See your Titans go 2-14 one year, then 15-1 five years later with a ring. The Titans have done nothing but tease their fans with false hope. Frankly, I think it would be refreshing for them to see their team be horrible, go 3-13 this year and “rebuild.” Then Nashville sports talk would be less about the one missing piece and more about the new brand of football they will be playing in 2014.

The Titans didn’t look like they belonged in the league much less on the field on Sunday. After winning 4 of their last 6 games to end the season 9-7, Nashville was expecting relevance this year. Munchak was supposed to boost the run game like other running/blocking focused coaches have such as Mike Shanahan. Lo, the Titans have disappointed yet again. A 3-6 record through week 9 hurts their wild card chances in a tough AFC race, and the big bully Texans sitting comfortably atop the AFC South. Perhaps a new face in the coaching position is in order, maybe one that is watching his team coached by his assistant from the press boxes. I say tank the season, run the ball like mad with your back up running back, and hunt for that top draft pick (Gino Smith Race anyone?).

The one thing you can take from this Bears-Titans throttling, is that the Titans are flawed at every position and that muffles any buzz that their playmakers can cause. Stop teasing these Titan fans with your mediocrity, and give them gold or dirt like the rest of the league. 


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