2012 NFL Week 9 Preview: Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings


There is no place like home, especially if you’re the Seattle Seahawks. Expect the Seahawks to maintain perfection at Century Link Field, and win what will likely be a tight physical football game between two eerily similar teams.

Plus, as one of the many observers in the football world to find the Vikings hot start a little bit flukey, I kind of need the Seahawks to win this one too. Who likes admitting their wrong?

On offense I give the advantage to Russell Wilson, and the Seahawks. Beast Mode, is a beast at home, and I expect him to outduel Adrian Peterson on Sunday. Peterson is much better at home than on the road, and despite recent performances, and I still believe the Seahawks defense presents considerable difficulties for the rushing attacks of opposing offenses.

Since I’ve now gone on record as saying the Seahawks have one of the worst receiving groups in the NFL, it would be hard to not give the Vikings the edge, especially with all this talk of Percy Harvin being a legitimate candidate for the MVP award at the midseason mark. My feeling though is he’s going to look a little more human against the “Legion of Boom”. The Vikings have a definite edge in offensive line play, and this should help Ponder, as he’ll need all the time he can get trying to find open receivers against this elite defense. This will be a low scoring game though, and I don’t expect too much from either offense. Just a whole lot of running. Why not with two of the game’s best though right?

On defense the edge goes to Seattle. The Vikings play a physical brand of football on D, just not nearly as physical as Seattle. The “Legion of Boom” continues to defy all logic, as the tallest and probably best secondary in the league, and will tower over the diminutive duo of Harvin and Simpson all day, making Ponders life very, very, very, difficult. The Vikings secondary has been playing well though too, and it’s not like Wilson has anyone to throw to to begin with so, don’t expect many yards out of him either. Both teams have great defensive lines, too, that will aim to slow down each other’s elite rushing attack. Bruce Irvin continues to develop into a great pass rusher, and there’s this Jared Allen guy on the Vikings who I’ve heard is pretty good too. Pretty good might be a bit of an understatement actually.

I expect the Seahawks to come out of this one on top, by a score of 20 - 14 on the back of Lynch. I think the Seahawks are just a little bit ahead of the Vikings in terms of team play, and coaching(can’t say enough good things about Pete Carroll, but that’s another series of articles in itself). The Vikings have a lot of elite pieces, and they’re inching closer and closer to being a really good team, but Seattle’s just a little bit further ahead in terms of development in their respective rebuilds. This should be a good game if you like old school, smash mouth football, with a whole lot of running.


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