2012 NFL Week 9 Preview: Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Texans


In a league where parity is the name of the game, can a 10-point underdog shock perhaps the most complete team in the AFC? We’ll get our answer to that question today, when the Buffalo Bills travel to Reliant Stadium for a Week 9 showdown versus the Houston Texans.

Why you should watch:

Well, logic would tell us that when you take the 32nd ranked defense (Bills) in points per game, and send them on the road to face the 6th ranked defense (and the 2nd highest scoring offense), that there is not going to be much of a contest.

However, both teams are coming off a bye week, and the NFL has been anything but predictable this year so maybe the Bills can pull off a shocking upset against the…. No, I can’t. I can’t even force myself to write it.

What to watch for:

If you’re a Texans fan, there should be plenty to watch. The Bills have given up the most points in the league while the Texans have been incredibly balanced and effective on offense. Look for the Texans to jump out early and then start trying to dominate the clock with their running game.

If you’re a Bills fan, maybe you can hope for some sort of bye week hangover for the Texans. Also, if the Bills can keep themselves in the game, it will be very interesting to see how their vaunted rushing attack (150.3 yards per game) stacks up against the #2 rushing defense of the Texans (83 yards per game). Problem is, with their defense, it will be tough for the Bills to stay committed to the running game because they will most likely be digging themselves out of a hole.


Once again, the NFL has been very unpredictable this year, but I see the Texans wining this one going away. The Texans are at home, coming off a bye week, and are better in almost every single statistical category. Look for Arian Foster to run wild. Texans by 17.


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