2012 NFL Week 9 Picks: Ravens, Lions, Bears, Seahawks, Giants, Colts, Buccaneers and More


I need to just stick to the money line (like my cohort – seen below). At this rate, I'm hoping to break .500 this year, and I might throw a party when it happens.

Not sure a 5-0 week will happen this week, as this is a terrible line week for picks.

Ravens -3.5

Teams coming off the bye are always scary, and even with the injuries, I believe Baltimore is still the much better team.

Lions -3.5

Detroit can be a formidable team when everything is clicking, and it was last week. The Jags stink! Of course, don’t take this if Calvin Johnson is out.

Bears -3.5

Speaking of teams that stink…Tennessee, especially on defense. I’m not usually a road favorite fan, but in this case, I think we have to be.

Seahawks -4.5

Seattle at home is a juggernaut. The Vikings are proving they aren’t as good as they looked early this year.

Giants -3.0

People are saying Pittsburgh can win the inspiring game flying the same day as the game. How about the fact that the Giants are home in the smack middle of the mess left from Sandy?

Side note: this isn’t good…picking five favorites. Sigh, I told you this week stunk.

Streak Master

Just a disappointing week for me considering I went 12-2 in my money line picks. The Rams had no fight, the Cardinals looked terrible and RGIII couldn’t do anything for the Skins.

There aren’t a ton of good games and Vegas gets smarter every week. This could be another rocky week. I would be happy with three wins here.

Colts +2.5
I’ve been picking the Colts a lot and it’s worked for the most part. They are 3-1 against the spread in their last four, but so is Miami. The Colts defense has shown up the last two weeks and Luck is better at home.

Giants -3
Due to the Steelers traveling situation, I removed my Ravens -3.5 pick. Giants don’t cover often at home, but this isn’t by much. Their defense should be able to stop Big Ben just enough to win by more than a FG. Plus, Eli will come out gunning after last week’s disappointing performance.

Lions -3.5
The Jags played well last week, but it’s hard to believe they’ll keep that up. Lions haven’t been good but their defense has picked it up. They should be able to win by a TD… should.

Falcons -4
I had the Seahawks here at first. The Cowboys could show up and play awesome and lose by three points, but they have injury issues at RB and the Falcons have been solid against QBs all year. Matt Ryan, SNF, at home, I think you have to go with him.

Bucs +1.5
Look at the Bucs last game at Minnesota. That was a great win and it was on Thursday. They are pumped and fresh and can beat a Raiders team that hasn’t looked all that great.


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