2012 NFL Week 9 Breakdown: Miami Dolphins vs. Indianapolis Colts


In what promises to be a surprisingly entertaining battle, the Miami Dolphins travel to Lucas Oil Stadium this week to take on the Indianapolis Colts.

Why you should watch:

Who would have thought that 9 weeks into the season, this game would decide sole possession of the top AFC wild card spot? Yet with both teams at 4-3, that’s exactly what is at stake today. The Colts and Dolphins are very similar in that they have both exceeded expectations to this point and find themselves in the thick of a playoff hunt (with rookie quarterbacks at the helm, no less).

Luck has led the young Colts to some impressive last minute wins and has shown he is not afraid of the big moment (Green Bay and Tennessee). While Tannehill has recovered from some early season struggles and has become a very efficient game manager for the defensive minded Dolphins.  

What to watch for:

Rookie quarterbacks vs. opposing defenses. On the defensive side of the ball, there really isn’t any question which team has been better. The Dolphins defense has been solid (5th overall). The Colts defense has not (22nd overall). However, if a bothersome knee hinders Tannehill, maybe that will even the playing field a little and the Colts will find a way to force him into some bad decisions.

The bottom line is: neither team has been winning games by large margins and cannot afford costly mistakes. This leads me to believe that the key to the game is going to be which rookie makes the most “right” decisions.


Like I said, I think this game will come down to which quarterback makes less mistakes. While I like Luck, and he has been very good while leading the Colts to some gutsy wins, he has been susceptible to the turnover (11 in 7 games). That combined with the fact that the Dolphins defense has been able to get after the quarterback (22 sacks in 7 games) and ranks 5th in league in points allowed per game, leads me to believe there is more of a chance of Luck making the costly mistake. Dolphins rely on their defense and get out of Indy with win. 24-17.


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