2012 NFL Week 9 Breakdown: Green Bay Packers vs. Arizona Cardinals


This could get ugly. In what will be a career defining game for John Skelton, don’t expect much Cards fans. I’m trying to be nice about this, but your team is going to get demolished.

Like I said, trying to be nice.

On offense the Cards are severely outmatched at almost every position. Rodgers has a huge edge on Skelton (I feel bad putting them in the same sentence), and to make matters even worse, has an offensive line that occasionally blocks pass rushers. A novel concept that has both Skelton and Kolb green with envy.

I’m going to give the slight edge to Stephens-Howling over Alex Green at running back, but I almost feel like it’s cancelled out by how terrible the Cards offensive line is. Green Bay’s depth at receiver gives them the edge at that position, even with Jennings out. Their depth at that position is just unreal, and almost makes it hard to notice they are without their number one receiver and playmaker on offense. As for the offensive line matchup, do the Cards even have one?

The one saving grace of the Cardinals, and only reason they were able to put together a 4-0 run to start the season, the defense, gives them a fool’s hope to win this game. They’re pass rush is otherworldly, with Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett leading the way and the slew of young linebackers starting to make a name for themselves.

Then again, Green Bay’s pass rush isn’t too shabby either, especially with Clay Matthews looking like Clay Matthews again. Both teams' secondaries present considerable problems for the opposing offense but I definitely like Cards' more than the Packers'. Team defense is where it’s at, and although the personnel is there in Green Bay, they just seem to never quite get it together.

So, all things considered, I don’t expect this one to be very close. The only hope for the Cardinals is that Skelton appreciates how important this game is for his career, and the Cardiac Cards season and asserts himself as the starter the Cards were hoping for when he landed the job in the preseason. If the Cards defense plays a fantastic game and Skelton isn’t horrible, they have a small chance of victory, but I expect the score will be 38-10 Green Bay. Rodgers is just too damn good. It’s just not fair.


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