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2012 NFL Week 8 Picks: Patriots, Redskins, Saints, Rams, Cardinals, Falcons, Redskins and More

The official lines that we will go off of can be found at the LVH site.

All In Kid

After posting my first 2-3 week of the year, I followed it up with a 3-2 mark. Giants should have covered! In any case, moving on my way back up… hopefully.

Streak Master

The Ravens just imploded last week and let tons of people down including both of us. The Rams fought, but it wasn’t enough against Aaron Rodgers. Those were my only two losses last weekend.

The consensus for all SuperConstesters on the season is 17-17-1, so guess it’s been a pretty average season. The current leader sits at 24-9-2. I currently have 21 points, four picks off the lead.

All In Kid

Patriots -7.0
The Rams may have given some teams more fight than expected, but the Patriots are not “some teams” and are looking to right the ship (in that, getting back to their dominant ways).

Seahawks +2.0
Not only have the Seahawks continued to impress, they are proving to be a good team even away from home. With the league knowing how to play the Lions (see: triple cover Calvin Johnson and let the rest try to do anything), Seattle could win outright.

Redskins +4.5
It’s clear to see the Skins and Robert Griffin are a team no one wants to play. Just ask the Giants defense. The Steelers will be lucky to win, and if they do, it will be a close one.

Raiders +2.0
Brady Quinn is at QB for the Chiefs. Enough said.

Saints +6.0
Really? I love Peyton Manning in Denver and think this set to be a shootout, but six points for the Saints? Please and thank you. Drew Brees alone will make sure this stays close.

Streak Master

Rams +7
The Patriots haven’t been great at closing out games and Chris Givens should be able to run right by the DBs in the fourth quarter. Rodgers was on fire last week against the Rams, it will be a different story for Brady in this one.

Colts +3.5
The Titans are coming off two pretty big wins, but their defense isn’t doing enough. Even though it’s on the road, Luck and company should be able to finish this game within three points, if they don’t win.

Falcons +2.5
Holy smokes, this has to be the most popular pick for Week 8. Sure, they are both coming off byes, but the Eagles haven’t won by more than two points all season. Matt Ryan > Michael Vick.

Redskins +4.5
Wow. The Steelers defense hasn’t been good and the Redskins can pretty much score on anyone. Here’s another one that can come down to the final possession.

Cardinals +6.5
Home underdog for the win. The 49ers are a solid team and the Cardinals are struggling, but I don’t care. The Cards are tough at home and this one is on a national stage. A big, close game.


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