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2012 NFL Week 7 Preview: Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers

For the last month or so, I’ve been preaching about how hard it is for a team to go on the road and win during the short week where they play on Thursday night. The situation isn’t as difficult this week. Both teams played at home this past week and Seattle has a short flight down the coast. 

The Seahawks are 0-2 in the division but both were close losses on the road. In those losses they faced the 4th and 5th ranked scoring defense. Tonight they will face the third ranked scoring defense in San Francisco, but the 49ers also bring the 11th ranked scoring offense with them and a rushing attack that is ranked #1 in the league. All the talk has been about the mobile, Russell Wilson, but the 49ers have not one, but two quarterbacks that are on pace for 299 rushing yards this season. All of last season there was only three quarterbacks that rushed for over 300 yards (Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, & Mike Vick).

The Seahawks have their own power running game in the form of Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin. The 49ers have also struggled against some of the league’s best scoring defenses. In games where they faced scoring defense that were ranked 14th in the league or worse, they scored equal to or more than what the opposing team was giving up. In their two loses they faced the 9th and 7th ranked scoring defenses and scored well under the average of what those defenses were giving up. 

Facing the 2nd stingiest defense doesn’t bode well for them. The 49ers have only created nine sacks this season and their secondary has come away with just two interceptions, while allowing their quarterback to be sacked 18 times. The Seahawks have created 17 sacks and their secondary has 20 passes defended and 5 interceptions.

Seattle Seahawks (4-2-0)+7.5San Francisco 49ers (4-2-0)

It’s a short week and that could swing this game in the favor of whichever team is more prepared. It should be a close game with neither team getting into the 20s. In a hard fought defensive battle, I like the Seahawks with the +7 points.


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