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2012 NFL Week 7 Picks: Ravens, Giants, Saints, Jets, Lions, Steelers, Colts, Cowboys and More

This is not my year. Not that I needed to tell you that. I killed the 2011 season, so maybe this is the Vegas gods getting their revenge… who knows? Either way, first 2-3 week of the season in Week 6.

Streak Master

It’s always a good feeling when you go 5-0 the previous week, but then again you have to live up to that five wins in the next week. Funny thing is, I actually changed my Bills pick to the Giants on Saturday, so I could’ve been 6-0.

The consensus for all SuperConstesters last week was 9-5, so another pretty good week on the scales. The current leader sits at 22-8-0. One of my favorites to follow on Twitter, Dave Tuley, is sitting at fourth. My five wins push me up to 18 total.

All In Kid

Ravens +6.5

Overreaction to the losses of Webb and Lewis. The Ravens are still a strong team and one that hasn’t truly been winning via defense anyway.  A near-TD spread is too much.

Giants -5.5

Not sure why this line isn’t bigger. Is it because the Giants lost both games to Washington last year? Okay, fair enough. But, they did just curb stomp the 49ers in San Fran.

Saints -2.5

Don’t look now but the Saints are getting back on track. With Vilma returning too (nonsense) look for New Orleans to be fired up emotionally, even if he only plays 20-25 snaps.

Jets +10.5

I am a sucker for double-digit spreads. No, it’s not Tebow. Nope, no Shonn Greene. It’s not even the Jets. I just don’t like teams laying 10.5 points.

Lions +6.5

Like Baltimore, this spread seems too large. The Lions are playing worse than thought, but then again, they looked beaten last week and came back big and late (hmm, where have we seen that before? Only a ton of times in 2011) to beat Philly. The Bears should be the favorite, but only by a FG or so.

Streak Master

This week is a lot harder than last, so expect plenty of bad records.

Steelers -2.5
This is a hard one to go with since I don’t think the Steelers are that good. It’s more to the fact that the Bengals defense is terrible right now and Pitt got a few more days rest.

Colts -3
Just like how the Colts were on a low after their big Packers win, the Browns will be on a low this week after their first win of the season. The Colts will step up at home and stop the run better than last week. I expect Hilton and Avery to have big games for Indy.

Ravens +6.5
You know, the Ravens lost some defensive power, but they weren’t doing all that great to begin with. Their defense had plenty of holes and their CBs weren’t cutting it. They have some pride and will make this a close game.

Cowboys -2.5
This can easily come back to get me, especially with this being the Cowboys and the Panthers coming off bye. If they play the same as they did last week and run down Carolina’s throats, they will win this easily. Not to mention Romo should be able to find plenty of open targets.

Rams +5.5
I already went with two road favorites so this one I have to go for the underdog. The Rams are not a bad team. Their defense is stout. Bradford should be able to move the ball. I picked this one slightly above the Lions +6.5.

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