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2012 NFL Week 6 Picks: Colts, Patriots, Giants, Redskins, Cowboys, Broncos, Packers and More

My picks were a little confusing to me last week as I picked the Dolphins and Colts to win straight up and didn’t have either in my top five picks. “I think the Colts have a chance at upsetting the Packers, but I’m going with a slightly safer pick here (Steelers)”. Wow…

The mean record for all SuperContesters last week was pretty bad at about two wins, so it was a rough week for a lot of people. The current leader sits at 18-7-0. Grantland’s Bill Simmons currently sits at 11-13-1. I’m mediocre sitting at 13 wins.

All In Kid

Bengals PK

The Browns are the trendy pick to get their first win. But, when your top receiver, Greg Little, has hands of granite (stone just isn’t hard enough), and you just made Ahmad Bradshaw look like Adrian Peterson, I don’t like your chances.

Colts +3.0

It’s a road game, sure, but the Jets are downright awful right now. They’re losing people on defense weekly, and don’t be surprised to see Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene replaced soon, even possibly this week.

Patriots -3.5

I keep saying the Seahawks and their defense are underrated, and it is a home game for Seattle. I still just don’t see an offense with Marshawn Lynch and what might as well be a giant bag of Skittles for teammates coming close to Tom Brady and Co.

Giants +4.5

Call this one a gut pick, but the Giants did win in San Fran last season to head to the Super Bowl. Not much has changed with these two teams since that would affect the game. The 49ers may win this one, but not by a large margin – of course, some of that hinges on Hakeem Nicks’ knee.

Broncos +1.5

With a spread this thin, obviously, I like Denver for the outright win. I think they pull the upset on Monday night and Peyton Manning could have the best game of his 2012 season.

Streak Master

Redskins +2.5
The Vikings are a home team. They lost at Indy and got lucky with a win at Detroit because the Lions have no special teams. Washington is out of the dome and RGIII should be playing. Redskins for the win.

Packers +3.5
Sure, the Texans are undefeated and playing good, but I don’t see the Packers losing by more than three points. I don’t know, I just can’t see it, more of a gut pick here. Wouldn’t be surprised to see people pack on Houston here after the way GB played in second half last week.

Giants +4.5
I thought about this for a day and realized I couldn’t pick the Bills. I’m going with a good team here, Giants will fight the 49ers in this one.

Lions +4.5
Detroit is struggling, but they are coming off a bye and Philly has not won a game by more than two points. Two points! Take the Lions and Staffchize here.

Cowboys +3.5
I’m passing on the Colts here, hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite me again. But the Cowboys are coming off a bye and aren’t happy. The Ravens haven’t exactly looked good in a few weeks even though they are winning. This will be a close game that will come down to the final drive.

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