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2012 NFL Week 5 Recap, Analysis: Atlanta Falcons vs. Washington Redskins

The Redskins were holding onto some pretty impressive records before the game, including a seven game home losing streak.  Apparently their fans are bad for them as they now have eight straight loses at home.  The Falcons are 5-0 for the first time in franchise history.

The Falcons offense had trouble clicking their first two drives failing to even get into field goal range.  Ryan was a bit off early, sailing his passes on just about every wide receiver.  Ryan settled down, targeted Tony Gonzalez heavily and then got into rhythm hitting Roddy White then finally Julio late in the game.  Michael Turner finally got going with the Skins defense focusing on Roddy, Julio and Gonzo and looked sort of like a real running back on a few snaps.  The Redskins defense wore down pretty heavily and Atlanta moved the ball at will against Washington, with Matt Ryan hitting Gonzo repeatedly and had a fourth quarter touchdown run by Michael Turner.  

I am getting a little concerned that the Falcons are playing to the level of their competition.  We need a last minute field goal to lock away the Panthers last week and only had one scoring drive before the 4th quarter against the Redskins.  There are points where a mixture of play calling, dropped passes (at least five today), poor execution and lastly, targeting Joe Hawley in the pass game.  Twice.  Turns out our backup center has terrible ball skills and poses no threat to Julio Jones.

We knew before the game the Redskins had a very good run game and the Falcons don't really enjoy tackling running backs.  Shockingly, the Redskins run game looked pretty good.  Robert Griffin looked every bit the rookie having trouble early against the Nolan defense.  RGIII ended the day with a 10/15 for 91 yards stat before he got Spooned... or took a hard hit from Sean Weatherspoon while on a run.  

With the game squarely away, the defense decided to relax and start watching tape for next week.  Cue Kirk Cousins throwing deep ball to Santana Moss for 77 yards.  Yeah, he is apparently still in this league.  I forgot that.  You forgot that.  Our defense forgot that.

Falcons had some great plays by Tony Gonzalez, who had a Calvin Johnson-esque 123 yards for 1 touchdown, and a beautiful 53 yard field goal by Matt Bryant.  I believe this man could legitimately kick a 150 yard field goal.  The most impressive thing was Dunta Robinson making his first interception in... what seems like ever.

When it mattered, the Falcons put it together both offensively and defensively to beat the Redskins rather decisively.  The Falcons finished the game off with a rushing touchdown and two interceptions of Kirk Cousins.  Closer game than you want but Atlanta sails to 5-0 for the first time in franchise history.  

Surely this is a great time to celebrate your Falcons.

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