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2012 NFL Week 5 Predictions: Browns, Broncos, Bengals, Ravens, Texans, Bears, Seahawks and More

Browns +8.5

The Giants have about half of their defensive starters healthy (just lost Kenny Phillips) and are down to rookie Rueben Randle as their WR3. Also, favorites with a 7.5-9.5 point spread are 0-6 so far.

Broncos +6.5

I know it’s a road game for ol’ Peyton Manning, but do you really think he won’t come out fired up and sling the ball all over just to keep this one close with Tom Brady, err, the Patriots?

Bengals -3.0

The Dolphins are looking better than thought, but the Bengals are the better team. A three-point spread usually counts for home field. Sorry, but don’t see how you can put these teams as equals.

Ravens -5.0

The Chiefs defense can’t stop anyone right now, and the Ravens are doing what they always do: quietly win and have few talking about them as one of the best teams in the NFL, which they are.

Texans -8.0

Normally, I’d never take a spread this large, or one where it’s road team with a spread like this. However, the Texans are getting the respect as one of the league’s best (unlike Baltimore) and face a Jets team with no offensive ability, a struggling defense and a QB that could be replaced by a H-back trying to pass himself off as a QB.

Streak Master

Honestly, I picked the Rams on Thursday, but since we don’t post these until Friday, I left them off of here for your benefit.

Bears -6
The Jaguars are not good. Even if they are at home, we saw last week that doesn’t matter. The Bears played on MNF, but have one of the best defenses in the league that will give Gabbert problems.

Broncos +6.5
Do the Patriots really deserve this spread? I’m not sure, they’ve played one good half all season. Even if the Broncos go down by a bunch, Peyton has brought his team back to life late in games which leads to a cover.

Chargers +3.5
The Saints are terrible, get it through your head. They can’t stop anyone. The Chargers aren’t great, but they will make this a close game, if not win.

Seahawks +3
Just like the Jags, the Panthers aren’t very good. The Seahawks will rough up Newton just like the Giants did. Don’t forget, this is Rusty Wilson’s first easy matchup of the season, by far. This could be a breakout game.  

Steelers -3.5
I think the Colts have a chance at upsetting the Packers, but I’m going with a slightly safer pick here. The Steelers are coming off a bye and have their playmakers back. This is a huge difference. The Eagles aren’t that great either.

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