2012 NFL Week 4 Predictions: Vikings, 49ers, Seahawks, Bengals, Saints and More

Let’s check on Week 3: Lions decided to leave their defense in Detroit and lose… The Cardinals may just be for real and they’re spectacular… Pittsburgh gave up 13 points in the fourth quarter… The Broncos also scored a bunch in the fourth quarter, but too little, too late… And then, there is the Green Bay-Seattle game! Even betting was screwed over by the refs. That’s right, 0-and-5! I have no words…

Streak Master

I blame my losses in Week 3 on the refs. After starting the season 7-3, I put in a 1-4 last week to drop me to 8-7 total. I mean, I liked the Bengals, Vikings, Raiders and Seahawks, but you know, I just didn’t feel like writing about obvious upsets. I mean, take a look at the picture. See, I wasn’t lying.

Vikings +6.5

Just because Detroit is back at home, it doesn’t mean their defense is going to show. In fact, I’m not sure they actually have a defense. The Lions are the better overall team, but they won’t stop Adrian Peterson and company from keeping this closer than nearly a touchdown.

49ers -4.0

Sure, it’s a road game where a west coast team heads to the east coast, but it’s also the 49ers against the Jets! The Jets without Darrelle Revis, with a pitiful offense and a hobbled Shonn Greene. Actually, has Greene ever not hobbled around or is that just how he runs?

Seahawks -2.5

They just don’t get the respect deserved. Sure, they lost the game to the Packers… in reality… but, it would have been a close loss, and that defense can dominate.

Bengals -2.5

The Bengals are pretty good, the Jaguars, pretty bad – actually, they’re really bad. Outside of MJD, this team has nothing to be excited about.

Saints +7.5

I do expect the Packers to win based on being so fired up about Monday night alone. However, both teams have the season on the line in a way. That’s why the Saints won’t get blown out.

Streak Master

Falcons -7
This line doesn’t make sense. Cam Newton on the road against one of the hottest teams. I know the Panthers got an extra few days of rest, but that shouldn’t matter.

Packers -7.5
The Packers are pissed. The Saints have no defense. Aaron Rodgers. Yup.

Rams +2.5
The Rams are secretly a decent team, and even more so at home. It will be tough, close game that Sam Bradford will win. Seahawks are still coming off the high from MNF.

Chargers +1
Is someone overreacting to that Chiefs win? Their defense is still not there and Charles isn’t getting 200-plus yards every game.

Bengals -2.5
The Jags have little to no home field advantage and the Bengals offense is better than the Colts. Dalton should have a field day and will win by at least a FG.

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