2012 NFL Week 3 Predictions: Lions, Eagles, Steelers, Broncos, Packers, Colts and More

Unfortunately, I did a complete 180 from Week 1. After a terrific 4-1 start to the season, I reversed course and posted a 1-4 showing notching just one win. Let’s see, Panthers beating the Saints, Miami crushing Oakland, Seattle topping Dallas and Atlanta winning easily over Denver… yea, still don’t think I would have changed anything about those picks. Thank you Baltimore for covering at least!

Streak Master

I hit four of my five last week, so pretty pleased in that. My only loss came on Jets +6.5, kind of a disappointing performance by them. I picked the Colts and Rams to win straight up, so amazingly they both came through for me. My overall count is at 7-3. Solid.

All In Kid

Lions -3.5

Where is the Titans offense? Where is Chris Johnson (the 2K or even 1K version)? Where is the defense (see: San Diego game)? Where is the line for a close score coming from?

Eagles -4.0

Maybe it’s because I’m still seething mad from losing my Survivor Pool already because of the Cardinals, but I see the Eagles stomping those birds into the ground… then hopefully picking them up, tearing off their feathers, plucking out their eyes and feeding them to cats… no, no, I’m not bitter.

Steelers -4.0

The Raiders have an argument as the worst team in football. Enough said.

Broncos +2.5

Okay Peyton, I’m still drinking the Kool-Aid, but it’s running low now.

Packers -3.0

I’ll give the Seahawks respect, although, I did think they would surprise many this year anyway. But, even as good as the defense looks, and the Packers being without Greg Jennings likely, I can’t see them keeping pace to stay within three points.

Streak Master

Colts -3
Seriously, the Rams were here, but I have more faith in home teams. We saw how bad Jacksonville was at home last week. Meanwhile the Colts got the taste of a first win last week and want more.

Lions -3.5
What have the Titans showed so far? Not a whole lot. If they can’t stop Dante Rosario, how are they going to stop Megatron and Pettigrew?

Chiefs +8.5
I don’t know if this is a trick or something, but I don’t think the Saints deserve to be this big of favorites over anyone at this point. Cassel and Bowe will make dinner of these guys. Tamba Hali will be all over Brees and this game will be in the bag. Well, maybe not quite, but the Chiefs will give them a fight.

Ravens -3
Baltimore just lost a close one and are at home in a night game. They’ll be pumped up and the Patriots haven’t looked all too good yet.

Broncos +2.5
This is too good to pass up. Peyton owns the Texans. He is at home now, not at Atlanta. The Texans wins over the Dolphins/Jags are getting blown out of proportion. Broncos will win this game.

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