2012 NFL Week 2 Review, Analysis: Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

When Jay Cutler leans on his back leg and slings the ball in to triple coverage, that’s his fault. But when he has to do the “Cotton Eyed Joe” just to get a pass off, the blame needs to fall on his blockers. Even when he did get the ball off cleanly there was a rusher in his face just waiting to bury him.

I still think Cutler can be a quality fantasy back up with potential starter upside. Just be aware that last night can happen anytime an opposing defense has quality pass rushers.

Jermichael Finley Kind Of Sucks

He’s got everything you could look for in a tight end. A pass orientated offense, the best quarterback in the game, freak size and athleticism, huge hands and to top it all off he’s a great route runner and blocker. So where’s the disconnect?

It might lie in his stone hands, for starters. There were two again last night, to go with the two in the first game, that bounced right off his cartoonishly big hands. Then you add in the fumble and you’re looking at Finley sliding down an already very deep Packers receiving corps.

Finley had 12 drops in 2011 and is well on his way to shattering his own personal best. If you’re counting on Finley to be the top 5 tight end you drafted him to be then you may have to look elsewhere. A guy like Martellus Bennet, who’s available in just over 65% of ESPN leagues, could end up with better numbers and at a much less costly price tag.

The Packers Defense Has Too Many Playmakers To Be Bad, Again

Bj Raji, Clay Matthews, AJ Hawk, Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams; these are big time players. There’s no way this defense can be as bad as they were last season. In 2010 they were the 2nd ranked defense, then in 2011 they fell all the way to 19th. If they can fall somewhere in the middle, things will become much easier for Aaron Rodgers. I can guarantee he was the happiest one last night because he didn’t have to do everything himself for the first time in a couple years.

Michael Bush Is About To Become A Top 10 Fantasy Back

Matt Forte likely has a high ankle sprain, which is not good news for the Bears or his fantasy owners. These types of sprains can be debilitating and tend to linger for a long time. Forte is looking at at least three weeks and in the meantime the Bears will face St. Louis, Dallas and Jacksonville before their buy week. Bush has shown in the past, when taking over for Darren McFadden, that he can handle the load and then some. If you’re one of the people who drafted Bush, whether as a handcuff or as a vulture, congratulations. You’re going to have a fun couple of weeks.

If You Give Cedric Benson 20 Carries, He’ll Get You +/- 80 Yards

There’s no mystery about the way Cedric Benson runs the ball. He’s a bruiser who doesn’t have many jukes left in his arsenal. That doesn’t mean that he can’t be a solid contributor, and for the Packers I think he’s the perfect back.

Green Bay was able to feature Benson early and wear down the Bears, allowing Rodgers time to pick apart the Bears as the game progressed. If the Packers are going to run the ball in the Red Zone, or in general, it’s going to be with Benson. As long as he doesn’t get arrested again, he will be a serviceable option for not only the Packers, but fantasy teams as well once buy weeks kick in.

Just don’t expect to him to average more than 4 yards a carry. You need to run above a 4.9 to do that. At this point in Benson’s career, he’s Corey Dillon on the Patriots.

Randall Cobb Is Going To Be Fine

There was a lot of hype going in to last night, and I even bought in to some of it. The potential was there for Cobb to absolutely go off, but it just never happened. He got banged up on his first carry of the game and couldn’t seem to get in a rhythm from there on out. The potential is still there and that’s what you were picking him up for anyway. I wouldn’t drop him just yet, although I can imagine how frustrating it must be to have started him last night because I did. The Packers are very high on him and he touches the ball a lot. When you’re looking for bench stashes, that’s more than you can ask for.

Quick Notes

  • Donald Driver still has his DWTS moves down pat.
  • The NFL Network Broadcast crew doesn’t think Quarterbacks can do wrong. Apparently receivers need to catch every ball within a 15 foot radius.
  •  Clay Matthews is so big it’s scary. I truly believe he told AJ Hawk he wasn’t allowed to have long hair anymore and there was nothing Hawk could do so he had to cut it.
  • Where the hell is Ryan Grant?

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