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2012 NFL Week 17 Breakdown: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans

A division matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans at LP Field will likely inspire the few spectators to utter “who?” on multiple occasions

A beaten and defeated pile of a team known as the Jacksonville Jaguars will be reaching deep depths of their depth chart to fish out someone to run the ball and catch a few. Missing their offensive weapons, and even their patchwork replacement weapons means that a few players who thought they’d never see the field will get their chance today.

Henne will most likely start at quarterback, while uncle Montell Owens will lead the running backs. Rookie Justin Blackmon will be backed up by Jordan Shipley who had a decent game last week in a surprisingly scrappy game against the Patriots. Beyond those two it’s a few question marks and with a platoon of wide receivers that have played for Jax in recent years, I doubt even the locals could name the rest of the receiving core.

The Titans are playing to try and taste the satisfaction of performing at their best to end the season. A poorly coached squad of wiry talent is just looking to cement some sort of identity before preparing for the 2013 season. Much like Jacksonville’s Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker has the faith and support of the Titans’ higher ups, as well as most of the fans in Nashville. Also, much like Gabbert, he isn’t exactly wowing crowds with his arm or showing poise. Both young quarterbacks simply show flashes of their talent at inconsistent times.

The Titans will look to pad stats and provoke a few Nashville cheers in a 24-17 win at home that will be a door prize for just showing up.


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