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2012 NFL Week 16 Preview: Patriots-Jaguars, Bills-Dolphins, Jets-Chargers

New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

In a game that the Jacksonville Jaguars might actually want to lose (top draft pick on the line), against a Patriots team that will be ready to exert some frustration, its hard to see this being much of a contest.

The Patriots will bring the league’s #1 offense in the Jacksonville to face a Jaguars defense that is ranked 29th in the league. Think about it: if the Patriots put up 34 points against the league’s #1 defense last week (despite 4 turnovers), it’s hard to imagine any sort of scenario that allows the Jaguars to even keep this game interesting.

Prediction: If the weather is good, look for Brady and the Patriots offense to dominate the Jaguars struggling defense. Pats by 15.

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins

Unfortunately, meaningful games between two AFC east opponents—that don’t involve the Patriots—have been very hard to come by over the past two years. This matchup is no different.

Despite the fact that both teams have already been eliminated from playoff contention, they appear to be going in two different directions.  The overachieving Dolphins seem to have their franchise headed in the right direction (finally), while the Buffalo Bills have to be asking themselves what happened to a season that seemed so promising until the first game was played.

While the Bills won the first matchup in Buffalo back in Week 11, I think this matchup strongly favors the Dolphins. Especially considering how the Dolphins have been playing. After their loss to the Bills, the Dolphins beat the Seahawks, lost close games to the Pats and 49ers and then handled the Jaguars at home.

Prediction: I think the young Dolphins keep their momentum going and Ryan Tannehill will find plenty of holes in the Bills' 25th ranked pass defense.  Dolphins by 8.

San Diego Chargers vs. New York Jets

Can I just say what we are all feeling? I am extremely tired of the Jets.

All year we have had to deal with their circus of a team, and then once they are finally eliminated, they don’t give us what everyone wants to see.

Let's face it, love him or hate him, all of us are a little curious as to how the Jets offense would perform under Tim Tebow. Yet, Rex has decided to make this game completely uninteresting and start Greg McElroy.

Someone let us know if Tebow takes over for McElroy, otherwise this is about the most boring game in the league in Week 16.

Prediction: The Jets defense somehow carries them to a win over the miserable Chargers.  3-0.

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