2012 NFL Week 16 Power Rankings: Patriots, Dolphins, Jets, Bills


Besides the Patriots, this division just seems to get weaker and weaker by the week. Anyway, with only two weeks left in the season, here is how the AFC East stacks up:


I still believe the Patriots are the best team in the NFL. You have to prove it on the field, though, which is why the 49ers jump the Pats to take the #1 spot after beating New England in Foxboro 41-34.        

I still believe that on their best day, the Pats can beat anyone else on their best day. That combined with the fact that Brady and the offense almost pulled off a massive comeback, against the league’s #1 defense despite 4 turnovers means Pats fans can sleep easier than if the Pats had played well and lost.

Miami Dolphins—#20

The Dolphins are coming off an impressive win over a weak, but pesky Jaguars team. Yes, the Jaguars are 2-12, but they have been in a lot more games than people would think. I believe this was a big game for the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill. Losing at home to their lowly cross state rival would have been extremely hard to swallow. Bottom line: This was a big win for the Dolphins and keeps their chance of finishing at .500 alive for at least another week. 

Buffalo Bills—#26

Don’t get excited Bills fans, the Bills jumping ahead of the Jets in the power rankings has nothing to do with themselves. The Bills have done little to nothing to deserve any sort of accolades the last 2 weeks.

Luckily for the Bills, they are in the same division as the Jets; so pretty much everyone has overlooked their ineptness thus far. Plus, at least they have that C.J. Spiller guy, I hear he is pretty good.

New York Jets—#27

Just out of pure frustration and spite towards Rex Ryan, I have the Jets at #27.

Although, don’t worry Jets fans! Rex Ryan has finally decided to try and save the season and is benching Mark Sanchez…Oh wait; he’s about 20 turnovers too late.

Well, Jets fans, there is always next year. Except in the Jets’ case, that looks like it’s going to bring more questions than answers.

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