2012 NFL Week 16 Breakdown: Tennessee Titans vs. Green Bay Packers


This is the time of year when we usually see the Green Bay Packers resting their key skill players as they coast into the postseason.  However, this year there have been more than a few bumps in the road to January for Green Bay. They had one of their most sluggish starts to the season since Mr. Rogers took over the neighborhood from old man winter.

The Packers host a struggling Tennessee Titans crew at Lambeau field with quite a lot riding on the outcome. Only a few things need to go Green Bay’s way for them to earn a first round bye and put together what looks like a 12-4 season after starting 2-3.

Green Bay has looked impressive post-September.

They have won 8 of their last 9 including banner wins against the Texans and a “cream always rises” style grudger against division rival Chicago Bears last week. The Pack has proven that they will make you uncomfortable and capitalize on the mistakes your are bound to make in that state.

That’s big trouble for a mistake-prone Titans squad that successfully played spoiler for New Yorker last week as they edged the Jets 14-10 in a game where they forced 5 turnovers and still only won by 4. This is the third year in a row where Tennessee is in a “rebuilding year” that is starting to seem like castles in the sand. However, the defense did prove opportunistic last week, and Chris Johnson, as predicted, got his footrace long run to make his day look less mediocre. B.J. Raji and Matthews will be hawking to Johnson before he gets into the open field at Lambeau.

Jordy Nelson is out for another game, meaning that the ever efficient Randall Cobb should have a big day against a spotty Titans secondary. The return of Ryan Grant has brought back good memories of league dominance to Green Bay, and his impact and role in future games will likely be tested today as he is bound to see a lot of touches in the absence of Alex Green. The Titans have proven to be unable to cover the tight end position so look for Finley to have a big day as well.

The Packers will impose their will on a Titans team that won’t know what hit them in a 38-10 rout. Tennessee’s lack of inspiration and lack of ability to sustain drives will prove to make Sunday’s game a match of men against boys.


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