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2012 NFL Week 16 Breakdown: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New England Patriots

Poor, poor Jacksonville Jaguars. Tom Brady is 22-4 following a loss, and a prime time loss where he rallied his team to just fall short of a win probably means that Brady has had fire in his eyes all week. Sunday’s matchup will likely look less like minutemen versus pumas and more like 3 legged gazelles against lions wearing red, white and blue.

The Patriots sit atop the AFC East and have already punched a ticket to the postseason with their 10-4 record. They are a dangerous playoff team this year, not having to keep the pesky Jets or the scrappy Dolphins off of their backs this year and are not moon-walking into the playoffs with a perfect record. A lot of things have to go the Pats way in order to get a first round bye, but as we’ve all seen in recent years, a small chance is all Brady, Belichick and the Patriots need to strike while the iron is hot.

The Jaguars will be fodder for the Patriot cannons as they can barely decide on personnel still in week 16. It has been a pitiful season, to the point where they start rumbles of bringing Florida golden boy Tim Tebow to town just to keep NFL football relevant in Jacksonville. The Jags just aren’t scoring, Henne has put more points on the board for opposing teams in the air then his own.

There would have to be magic in the air in Jacksonville for them to grab a win. The club does have a stigma of beating great teams, specifically giving the Manning led Colts fits in AFC South recent history. However, this is a totally different team, and a much worse team at that. This will be a fun one for Pats fans to watch as they get the bad taste in their mouths out with a 41-6 trouncing by a Patriots team coached by and quarterbacked by men that don’t let up.


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