2012 NFL Week 16 Breakdown: Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs


Whereas Andrew Luck and Co. need a win for playoff purposes, the Kansas City Chiefs simply need a reason to take the field.

The Chiefs' emotional Week 13 win was inspirational, but it also showed how much the team lacks a fervor to earn Ws. The Chiefs are a VERY talented squad, but are lacking in leadership in the most important places. Their head coach Romeo Crennel, and pretty boy quarterback Brady Quinn, have orchestrated some of the most lop-sided losses to bad teams for the Chiefs then Kansas City has seen in years.

The Colts are an entirely different story. Already a fiery and passionate squad, they have only been further spurred to succeed by the news of their ailing head coach. Without much but winning on their minds they have won 8 of their last 11 and will definitely not want to need a win against Houston next week to earn a spot in the postseason.

This matchup is interesting, even with its disparity. Through all of their flaws, the Chiefs have only looked bad against the run. They have a decent pass defense that is effective so long as they aren’t on the field for the bulk of the game. They also have a dynamic rushing attack, with great blocking linemen to lead the way for Jamaal Charles.

Conversely, I think this game will come down to who wants it more, and who has a greater sense of urgency. The Colts want to be able to play the Texans next week with nothing more on their mind then splitting the regular season series, and not whether or not it will be their last game. The Chiefs are a misguided bunch of talented yet frustrated players that have been stripped of their motivation by a lack of leadership. The Colts are a well coached bunch of talented and inspired young players that have been only further motivated by chips on their shoulders and the tribulations of their cohorts. The Colts get the job done in a 31-14 win.


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