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2012 NFL Week 15 Recap, Analysis: Seattle Seahawks vs. Buffalo Bills

Another week, another 50-plus point performance by the Seattle Seahawks. Led by Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks put together another road win and did so in dominant fashion - in my country to boot. There was even a little controversy, too, following a fake punt when the Seahawks faked a punt when the game was clearly over.

The Seahawks offense was simply unstoppable. Again. They imposed their will on the Bills defense from kick off forward. Be it with the running game, or the pass the Bills had no answer for them. They would score on their first 3 possessions and Russell Wilson was looking like a pocket sized Big Ben getting away from the Bills pass rush and making it look easy. He would finish the game with 4 touchdowns, 3 of them rushing.

In Marshawn Lynch’s homecoming, of sorts, he was also effective topping 100 yards again and scoring a rushing touchdown. He even helped Russell Wilson complete a perfectly executed flea flicker pass to Golden Tate. They were toying with the Bills defense for most of the game.

The defense, led by Earl Thomas, had a great game too. They gave up some serious yardage on the day including 103 on the ground by CJ Spiller, but manage to keep the Bills score low. They would also force 3 Ryan Fitzpatrick turnovers on the day. One of those turnovers, an interception by Earl Thomas, would be returned for a touchdown as he evaded just about every member of the Bills offense at least once. Chris Clemons also had a day to remember on defense, getting 2.5 sacks on the day, giving him his third straight season with 10 or more sacks.

How good are these Seattle Seahawks? Two straight 50-point wins? I don’t care if they both came against the Cardinals, or one of those teams was from the NCAA, that’s pretty impressive. They now have a serious chance of winning the NFC West with the 49ers coming to town next week.


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