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2012 NFL Week 15 Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Miami Dolphins

The Jaguars will face a Miami defense that either gives up a ton to terrible offenses such as the Titans or Jets, or holds down powerful ones such as the Patriots or the Bengals. Either way, they will likely lose yet another game that will prove to inch them up the draft board as the franchise pursues a quarterback amongst a litany of other needs and holes in their team.

Bush and Thomas should have a day against the Jags, so long as their defense doesn’t give up the big plays that Jacksonville with undoubtedly attempt to complete in order to control the tempo. If the Dolphins can control possession and keep the ball on the ground with the clock ticking, and not in the air chuck-and-pray style via the Jaguar offense then they should win this one pretty handedly, and get the numbers that we’ve expected them to.

Tannehill should be able to breathe a little easier as he and Brian Hartline should find each other with a little more ease then weeks against the Jets or Patriots. The Jaguars aren’t a completely talentless bunch, but they definitely seem lost most of the time, as the coaching is struggling to find the right personnel and defenses dialed up.

The Jags will look to stop a losing skid by putting the game on the back of Montell Owens and on the shoulders of Chad Henne, and the possible return of Cecil Shorts should spark the offense a little. The Dolphins are a frustrated group who have lost week after week after a promising start to the season. A frustrated defense usually means some hard hits, and little victories throughout the game. This does not bode well for the return of Chad Henne to his Miami friends, as the linemen will be looking to get him on his back and the secondary hawking to every ball, hungry for an errant throw.

The Dolphins finally find a whipping boy for this mid-season disaster in a 24-10 win at home.


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