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2012 NFL Week 15 Power Rankings: Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Browns

The AFC North took a step back in Week 15 after posting a 1-3 record, with the Browns being the only team to win.  The Ravens continued their slide and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron took the heat for it.  The Steelers got blindsided by the Chargers and the Bengals let one get away against Dallas.  Let’s see how far these teams fall in my power rankings this week.

9) Baltimore Ravens: After falling three spots last week, the Ravens fall another three this week.  I’ve been saying all season that the Ravens’ record is inflated and their mediocre play is finally catching up with them.  They’ve lost two straight games and their slate isn’t getting any easier; they get to see both Manning brothers in the next two weeks.  It still looks like they will make the playoffs, but they certainly won’t be getting in hitting on all cylinders.

11) Cincinnati Bengals: After spending the entire season ranked behind the Steelers, the Bengals finally hop them, even though they lost.  The Bengals are playing good football.  They got beat by the Cowboys last week but they get the struggling Eagles this week and will bounce back.  The unlikely Bengals really have to like their chances to make the playoffs.

12) Pittsburgh Steelers: Week 14 was an unacceptable loss for the Steelers.  After Charlie Batch goes into Baltimore and comes out with a huge win, the Steelers let the Chargers beat them at home with Big Ben at quarterback.  If Pittsburgh doesn’t make the playoffs they will look to this game as the one that did them in.  They still control their destiny however, and they’ll head to Jerry World this week to take on the Cowboys that are still looking for a playoff berth.

21) Cleveland Browns: Who would have thought the Browns would be the sole AFC North team to win in any given week?  Not only that, but Cleveland has put together an impressive three-game winning streak.  This season is over for the Browns but they have to like what they’re seeing.  This young team is finally coming together and playing good football.  Cleveland may be a legitimate contender in the division next year.


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