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2012 NFL Week 14 Recap, Analysis: Washington Redskins vs. Baltimore Ravens

Talk about a good football game.

Given the choice between four NFC East games, I can’t decide which one meant the most or was the most exciting. Maybe they all tied at Number One. But the Redskins’ win in the Beltway Bowl put them in a statistical tie, for at least four hours, with the New York Giants.

The Washington Redskins hosted the Baltimore Ravens earlier today in a 1:00 pm match-up. It had all the high drama of a “Who Shot Mr. Burns” cliffhanger. In the end, in overtime, the Redskins pulled out a win.

But winning the game wasn’t what made this so special, it was the style in which it was done. On a final drive to the Ravens’ end zone, Redskin rookie QB Robert Griffin III suffered a right-knee sprain.

Enter fellow-rookie Kirk Cousins. This Michigan State alum had previously thrown nine times this season, mostly after starter Robert Griffin III went out after an injury in the Atlanta Falcons game. He entered the game with 1:48 to go. His first throw was incomplete, but a pass interference call on the Ravens negated the play. Griffin came back and tried a couple more passes, but he couldn’t plant that foot. Cousins returned and hit Pierre Garcon for 11 yards and six points. A subsequent QB sneak by Cousins locked up the OT bid.

After shutting down the initial Ravens drive in overtime, the ‘Skins marched downfield and put the game away with a field goal with their first possession in the bonus time.

Should Griffin’s injuries be more severe than the Redskins are letting on, Washington fans can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they have a clutch backup who can perform well under pressure.

Griffin, meanwhile, continued to stake his claim on Rookie of the Year honors. His precision wasn’t all there; he threw 15-for-26. But the yardage was, as he threw for 246 of those and a TD. RB Alfred Morris ran for 122 yards and a TD. Baltimore’s Joe Flacco, never one to be written off, threw three touchdowns and was 16-for-21 (I have to give a shout out Flacco, fellow grad from my alma mater, The Fightin’ Blue Hens).

Dallas has beaten Cincinnati to come on a par with the other two 7-win teams. The Eagles won in even higher drama. The Giants are struggling against the Saints in the first half.

What a ride in the NFC East.


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