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2012 NFL Week 14 Recap, Analysis: San Francisco 49ers vs. Miami Dolphins

It wasn’t pretty, it was anything but exciting, and the score really wasn’t indicative of how the game went, but the Niners will take the 27-13 score and the victory. Any day of the week. With this victory Colin Kaepernick will have at least held speculation about his job security at bay for a week, or whenever he loses next.

On offense the Niners were far from dominant. For most of the day the Dolphins were able to make the Niners passing game a one trick pony, with almost all the passing plays going to Michael Crabtree. The Dolphins were also effective in taking away the deep throws, that were the main justification for going forward with Kaepernick, for the entire game. He was looking eerily similar to his benched counterpart Alex Smith. He was efficient, accurate, and playing mistake free football.

This is of course not a bad thing, but it almost makes his replacing Alex Smith a moot point. Luckily for the 2nd year quarterback out of Nevada though, he ran an option play that would make painfully clear what the difference is between the two. Get away speed. Lining up with three backs, he would fake the handoff to Gore. The defense bit, as they had planned for and the entire left side of the field was Kaepernick’s for the taking. He could’ve jogged into the endzone if he wanted to, following a missed tackled by Odrick on the outside.

The defense played their part today, and is largely responsible for the win. Aldon Smith continued to state his case for defensive player of the year with another 2 sacks on the day, bull rushing his way to Tannehill on several occasions. As good as Aldon Smith’s performance was, I still think that Chris Culliver quietly put together the best performance today holding it down in the secondary. He made several brilliant plays defending the pass, and was rarely, if ever beat by his man.

They could’ve and should’ve played better, but a win’s a win and with the Seahawks at their heels I’m sure the Niners are all too happy to take it. They are going to need to find a way to get their deep passing game going, and more importantly their all world tight end Vernon Davis going next week though if they’re even going to have a chance at New England. Then again, that is why they brought Kaepernick in right?


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