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2012 NFL Week 14 Recap, Analysis: Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks

It must suck to be a Cardinals fan. Seriously. At this rate it almost seems like it might be a good idea to put out the entire practice squad on offense next week. As for the Seahawks, all I have to say really is wow. They scored in every way, in every phase of the game, and seemingly on every play (sadly I’m not even being that hyperbolic). It’s going to take a lot more than a Ken Whisenhunt apology to make this game right.

This game looked borderline competitive for the first quarter. It was looking like just about every other Cardinals game in the last 9 weeks. The Cardinals offense was awful, their series’ didn’t last long, they turned the ball over, and the defense found some way to keep the score relatively close. This is of course the case for just about every team that comes to CenturyLink Field, but there was something especially rank about the Cardinals 1st quarter performance. Maybe it was the interception that was tipped about 14 times after it was ripped out of Fitzgeralds arms, including one tip by Thurmond as it came about 4 inches from hitting the ground, and would eventually land in Bobby Wagners bread basket?

After the first quarter though, things got ugly and they got ugly fast. The Seahawks would score 28 in the 2nd quarter, and the Cardinals were starting to look like a middle school team, if that. By the end of the day Lindley had his job back, Patrick Peterson muffed a punt and fumbled another, the Cardinals turned the ball over 8 times, and it was 58-0.

Russell Wilson would eventually be benched for Matt Flynn (for safety reasons of course) but was efficient in the outing posting 148 yards and completing 7/13 passes. The Seahawks really didn’t ask much of Wilson for the day, and with all the points they would get on defense and special teams it’s easy to understand why. Nevermind the fact that Lynch and Turbin would combine for 236 yards on the ground. Tight end Anthony McCoy also had a day worthy of mention for the Seahawks offense. He finished the day with 3 receptions for 105 yards, which is pretty impressive for a 2nd string tight end, even against a team that is self destructing.

Well, if you didn’t think the Seahawks were a legit team yet, you really should now. This 58-0 shutout of the Cardinals is the fourth largest shutout in the history of the NFL, and if they had one more point it would be tied for second. How’s that for impressive? If you’re a Cardinals fan, allow me to add one more in a series of apologies drowning each other out for your franchises miserable state. For whatever that’s worth.


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