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2012 NFL Week 14 Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets

Will Timmy Tebow get some playing time this Sunday back home in Florida? I doubt it.

Ryan and Sparano both love to run the ball, but giving in and putting Tebow under center would be like appeasing the public by trying to screw in bolts with a butterknife (Tebow) instead of a plunger (butt-fumble Sanchez) or a hammer (McElroy). It definitely seems like Ryan and Sparano’s religious worship of the run game may get them excommunicated from the Meadowlands before they see their efforts come to fruition.

In their scheme, the pass is merely something to set up the run, and their draw plays are more like play-action runs. That’s the only reason I don’t understand why Tebow didn’t start week 2. Tebow cannot throw, he’s had flashes of greatness that only appeared that way because defenses bet on the 9/10 chance that he would not complete a pass and lost to the 10%. Defenses game planned for Tebows arm much like one would prepare for a blind child playing tag when you are “it.”

However, the one undeniable fact is that Tebow can run, effectively, at a professional level. If your starter is just as much a liability in the air and doesn’t possess the running ability, why not upgrade? If you’re bringing a knife to a gunfight any given Sunday, you may as well bring a bow and arrow instead. Honestly, the smart football choice is McElroy, mostly to get him more snaps and give him a sense of pro-level pocket presence. The smart choice as far as employment goes is to put in Timmy Tebow, injured ribs and all, against a Pop-Warner Jacksonville squad.

Jacksonville was run out of Ralph Wilson last week against a Bills team that is very similar to the Jets plus a few points in the quarterback and running back positions. A resurgent Chad Henne completed less than half of his passes in a 34-18 loss that included only 50 yards on the ground by committee of Owens and Jennings. Cecil Shorts III has proven to be one of the only bright spots on the Jaguars squad as he had yet another good week. The only thing worth watching on the Jaguars has been the Henne-Shorts or Henne-Blackmon connections in recent weeks, and it will likely be handcuffed by Revis Island and company. The Jets defend the pass very well, especially against poor quarterbacks the likes of Lindley and his 10/31 for 72 yards and pick last week.

The Jags will struggle without their only weapons in the pass game as the Jets will look dominant, much more like in the Patriots win earlier this season in prime time, and will likely be able to put on the charade that they have an offense (regardless of who is under center) in a 31-13 win in Jacksonville.


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