In this battle of two rebuilding teams, expect the Buffalo Bills to take this one. Unfortunately for the Rams, the Bills aren’t in the NFC West (check out their 4-0-1 record in their division, as opposed to 1-6 against the rest of the league), and their defense is just starting to come together. I might like the Rams odds a bit more if they were playing the Bills of 6 weeks ago, but alas they are not.

The Rams offense could get a shot in the arm if Amendola returns, but he is listed as questionable and is most likely a game time decision, so relying on him might not be the best bet. He was also ineffective for the most part while trying to cope with his most recent injury, and who knows where he’d be at even if he could play. If Amendola is a no go, Bradford will have to be more trusting with his other receivers, and taking into account their play of late why not? Givens has been an absolute terror for cornerbacks since returning from suspension, and borderline bust Lance Kendricks is starting to show signs of life.

I expect the Rams will be giving the brunt of the workload in the running game to Darryl Richardson, with Steven Jackson nursing a foot injury. Jackson has also struggled with inconsistency all season, and is coming off of a weak performance against the 49ers. That could be attributed to his foot injury, or the fact that nobody does well running the ball against the Niners, but he is still having an average season at best. The Rams would also be wise to give Isaiah Pead more playing time, seeing as they did invest a relatively high draft pick in him. Probably worth seeing what they have in the rookie out of Cincinnati.

The Rams could have a hard time with the Bills dual threat running game. They are near the middle of the pack in rushing defense, and will have to find some way to keep C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson in check if they want to have any chance winning this game. Although lacking passing options, Ryan Fitzpatrick has quietly been holding his own and has been far from the reason for the Bills lack of success this season. I expect that the lack of passing options for the Bills could be an issue against the Rams secondary. The duo of Finnegan and Jenkins should keep the Bills passing game in check, especially if Jenkins continues his amazing play in the secondary.

This should be a close game, but I like the Bills at home to pull out the victory. Both teams have delusions of playoff contention, but oddly enough the Bills’ chances seem somewhat more realistic. That really doesn’t mean much at this point, but I’m sure it will be in the back of the Bills heads as they play. Expect the Bills to win this one 24-13.

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