2012 NFL Week 14 Breakdown: Dolphins vs. 49ers, Jets vs. Jaguars


Jets at Jaguars

Let’s be realistic, there are only going to be two types of people watching this game on Sunday. Die hard Jags/Jets fans and the people who just want to see the next soap opera episode of “As the Jets World Turns”

That’s about the only enticing thing when it comes to this matchup. After all, both teams rank near the bottom of the league in multiple categories (mainly Jacksonville’s defense and New York’s offense, so I guess it’ll come down to which one is worse) and even more humiliating than that, their combined win total wouldn’t get them in the playoffs right now.

Despite all of those things, one thing is almost for sure, something will happen with the Jets, in Tim Tebow’s hometown of Jacksonville, that we will all be talking about Monday morning.

In the end, I think the Jets somehow find a way (much like last week) to beat a hobbled Jaguars team whose defense is ranked 31st against the run and 31st overall. That is, as long the Jets running game dominates the Jaguars inferior defense and Mark Sanchez doesn’t have to do too much.

Dolphins at 49ers

After almost pulling off an improbable come from behind win against New England last week, the Dolphins have to travel to San Francisco to take on a 49ers team that is coming off a very disappointing loss to the St. Louis Rams.

All signs say that this will be a big rebound win for the 49ers and the 5th loss for the Dolphins in their last 6 games. The 49ers are just better in every category this year. Not only that, but they are at home following what most to believe a wake up call.

I believe the 49ers will be ready to respond. Especially their defense, who is ranked in the top 3 in virtually every statistical category and has given up less than 10 points 3 different times at home this year. That combined with the fact that Ryan Tannehill has struggled on the road this year (8 turnovers in 5 games), means the 49ers defense could have a field day.

Then again, if the Dolphins have been anything this year, it has been “unpredictable”, so who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us yet again.

Don’t count on it though, 49ers by at least a touchdown.

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