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2012 NFL Week 14 Breakdown: Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks

As I say in a lot of my Cardinals previews, this could get ugly. John Skelton’s back at the helm, but I’m not thinking that will result in a drastic change for the Cardinals offensive fortunes. Even with Brandon Browner serving a four game suspension. It’s gonna be yet another in a series of long days if you’re a Cardinals fan, but just keep that top 5 draft pick in mind. If you’re a Seahawks fan, this is about as close as it gets to a shoe-in and should go a long way in helping you secure that final wildcard spot.

It’s a mismatch for the ages on offense. Be it at running back, quarterback, or offensive line the Seahawks are way better. The only position where the Cardinals hold the edge is receiver, but it’s basically a moot point since the Cardinals don’t seem to have a healthy quarterback in the organization who can get any of them the ball.

It’s going to take a patient, balanced approach on offense for the Seahawks. Although Wilson has been playing great since getting an increased role in the offense, it’s probably best for the team if Lynch leads the way on offense. The Cardinals defense has been the only thing keeping their games even relatively close since they started their 0-8 run, and has been forcing turnovers like it’s going out of style. If Lynch can be effective in the running game, where the Cardinals are slightly less dominant, it can set up the play action for Wilson, or result in heavier personnel sets that he can hopefully exploit with throws downfield.

To be entirely honest, I can’t see the Cardinals getting anything done on offense. It will be a miracle if they even reach 200 yards far as I’m concerned. They can’t run the ball, they can’t throw the ball and they sure as hell can’t score. They hope to get a little more out of the passing game with the return of John Skelton, but against the Seahawks defense, and in Seattle, it seems highly unlikely. Fitzgerald will need to start playing like the receiver we’ve come to know over the years if they are going to have any chance, but unfortunately for him, only one of the two starting corners for Seattle dropped their appeal.

This game should be nothing like their week one showdown. The Cardinals are short a Kevin Kolb, a confident offense, and a reason to play. Barring some sort of miracle for the Cardinals I expect the Seahawks to win this one, and by a lopsided score no less. The Seahawks will stay undefeated at home and do it by winning 28-10.

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