2012 NFL Week 13 Review: Seattle Seahawks vs. Chicago Bears


The Seahawks finally got a road win, and they were able to do it against a good team in the Chicago Bears as well. This win could go a long way in determining whether the Seahawks make it into the playoffs, and allowed the Seahawks to gain a little separation from the Buccaneers following their loss to the Broncos.

Seahawks fans have been asking all season for Darrell Bevell to give Russell Wilson a little more responsibility, and since he started doing that last week in Miami the rookie out of Wisconsin has responded wonderfully. He made several key plays both late in regulation, and in the one and only drive in overtime. It was the only drive because he was able to march downfield and lead his team to victory with a 13 yard touchdown pass to Sidney Rice.

Marshawn Lynch had another good game himself, and the no matter what the score or situation the Seahawks were always able to rely on him to get the necessary yards. Golden Tate was also great, and seems to keep piling on the yards after the catch. If he keeps on having games like this he might start looking like an actual number two receiver, instead of one whose thrust in the position.

The defense was oddly enough, actually kind of shaky. The combo of Michael Bush and Matt Forte ran over the Seahawks defenders at will, tallying a combined 105 yards on the ground. Their biggest issue on the day however, was Brandon Marshall. The team simply had no answer for him. He was torching the Seahawks secondary all day long, and when all they had to do was defend a lead and a very long field with 24 seconds left in regulation Marshall burns them for 56 yards in one play. Worst of all he did it in double coverage. Marshall would finish the day with 165 yards, but luckily for the Seahawks, Cutler had nobody else to throw the ball too, and that would account for nearly all of the Bears passing offense.

The Seahawks just made life a whole lot easier for themselves. They finally got that second road win, and looked great offensively in the process. Best of all, this is only the second game where they have really unleashed Wilson in the passing attack. As they continue to increase his role in the offense, you can only expect he’ll get better. Hasn’t met a challenge he couldn’t overcome to this point.


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