2012 NFL Week 13 Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Buffalo Bills


If you find yourself on the couch Sunday afternoon, with the remote control just far enough out of reach to where C-SPAN would suffice, then by all means leave it on CBS for the Jacksonville and Buffalo game tomorrow.

Football is Football, right?

As the resurgent Jaguars take the field at Ralph Wilson, they are likely to have a bit of a swagger back coming off of a solid division win to improve to 2-3 in the AFC South. Not a terrible division record, there are teams like the Steelers who are 1-2 in their division, or perhaps the Cardinals 1-3 in their division, but did I mention that the Jaguars are 0-6 in their other games? Finding a rhythm is essential, and better late than never I suppose.

If Chad Henne is the answer in Jacksonville, then I just don’t know what the question was. The Jaguars still struggle with finding their bravado. They don’t know whether to try and force square pegs through round holes in their running game, or whether to let their young receiving talent run free in the secondary.

Last week after playing a fine-tuned Houston team tough, they stole a win from Tennessee at home, looking more like a .500 mediocre team than the bottom feeder. Henne posted decent numbers, picking his spots well, and their backs did manage to amass 100 yards between Parmalee and Jennings. Shorts III and Blackmon have proven to be blossoming prospects, and in turn will likely be sold off immediately to another team as the Jaguars maintain their “You are good? Get outta here!” mentality. As far as 2012 goes, they will likely make a SportsCenter top 10 or two, and get quite a few looks from Henne as they will be trailing early and often in the rest of their games this year.

The Jaguar defense may as well be cardboard cut-outs. Not for a lack of talent, even young talent at that. Their schemes, packages, and game plans all seem to be ill-fated. They have playmakers, but are constantly being exploited when they are out of position.

That sort of big play vulnerability spells a big day for an all-or-nothing Bills offense. Spiller has been striking fear into the eyes of linebackers all year who don’t want to end up on the game film for what not to do. The Bills play a patient (and often lethargic) game of football that puts them in a position to make the most of missed assignments or bad tackling habits with their zone runs and deep passing game. Buffalo doesn’t hit the field expecting to win too many games with the squad they have, but their ability to play very talented teams tough proves that they are primed and ready to grab a “W” from a mistake-prone team.

The Jaguars go back to their shanties in a 28-16 Buffalo win in front of a very rowdy Ralph Wilson crowd hungry for something to cheer about.


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