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2012 NFL Week 13 Power Rankings: Patriots, Dolphins, Jets, Bills

In what originally looked like a somewhat strong division at the beginning of the year, the Patriots are carrying the torch as the only team inside the top 20.

Patriots #3

The Patriots continue to climb up the power rankings after their slow start. The Patriots have now won 5 straight by an average of 22 points. Their offense continues to rack up ridiculous numbers and their defense has been improving.

The Patriots key statistic this year has been their turnover margin. At +24 the Patriots heads and tails above the second place team in that category (Giants/Bears at +13).         

As long as Tom Brady is healthy and the Patriots continue produce such a successful turnover margin, the Patriots will continue to find themselves very close to the top of the power rankings.

Dolphins #20

After watching their playoffs hope dwindle over the past few weeks the Dolphins showed some signs of life in a gutsy win over the Seattle Seahawks. At 5-6, it is highly unlikely that the Dolphins will be able to propel themselves back into the playoff picture in the AFC.

However, if the team continues to play out the rest of the season the way they did Sunday, they will find themselves much higher in future power rankings.

Jets #24

At this point, it is hard to find anything positive about the Jets. Mark Sanchez continues to make mistake after mistake, Tim Tebow continues to create more controversy, and the rest of the offense continues to not do much of anything. Add that with the fact that the Jets defense is giving almost 27 points a game and you don’t have much of a light at the end of the tunnel.        

It’s so bad at this point, that Tebow lovers should be hoping Tebow does NOT go in the game.

Bills #25

The only reason the Bills are not ranked ahead of the Jets is because of their week 1 loss at the hands of the Jets. Otherwise, the Bills have been playing a lot better than the Jets over the last 4 weeks. Spiller continues to be basically the entire Buffalo offense while the defense is finally starting to show moments of what we all expected it to be at the beginning of the year.        

This Sunday against the 2-9 Jaguars will tell us a lot, though.


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