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2012 NFL Week 13 Breakdown: St. Louis Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

This week’s NFC West showdown is a rematch of tie-gate, and shouldn’t disappoint. The last meeting between these two teams were equally upsetting on both sides, but for very different reasons. Their last meeting was also the beginning of Colin Kaepernick’s run as the starter in San Francisco following Alex Smith’s concussion. This game should be a hard fought and entertaining matchup between the two clubs, and is definitely worth tuning in to. Emotions should be running high, and both teams have to feel they have unsettled business with each other.

There is a serious mismatch on offense between these two teams, but Steven Jackson’s play of late could serve as a balancing act. Colin Kaepernick’s emergence as the starter in San Francisco could be the difference in this game though. When he last played the Rams, he was thrown into game action during the second quarter and played a lot like an inexperienced rookie. Now he’s had some time taking first team reps, and has two starts under his belt. He continues to make Jim Harbaugh look like a genius, and if he can keep it up against the Rams, this could be a long day for the young Rams defenders.

In the last meeting between these two teams Sam Bradford had one of those rare moments where he actually looked like a first overall pick. The Rams can only hope he has another one of those games this Sunday, cause any hope of victory will be entirely dependent on his play. And he’ll have to find a way to replicate his last performance without Amendola most likely too.

The Rams defense has been playing great of late, and Janoris Jenkins return to the lineup could easily be considered the catalyst. He had two pick sixes last week, and is on a roll of late. Chris Long has also been hot of late, and always seems to find his way in the backfield and wreak havoc on the opposing quarterbacks. He had two sacks the last time these two teams played as a matter of fact.

Now for arguably the best defense in the NFL. In the last showdown between these two teams, you could argue that they mailed it in. They were sloppy, out of position, and couldn’t make the necessary stops during the game. I doubt there will be a re-occurrence of this kind of play though as they are a very proud and generally well coached group. That and because Aldon Smith is on fire.

This should be a hard fought game, with the 49ers coming out on top. There are serious mismatches at almost every position, and you have to know the tie from their last match with the Rams has left a bitter taste in their collective mouths. Vengeance will be in full force and the crimson and gold should win this one 21-10.


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