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2012 NFL Week 13 Breakdown: Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans

It’s week 13 and it’s already time for the men against boys game that is the Houston Texans versus the Tennessee Titans. The Titans welcome a 10-1 Texans team to LP Field that gave them a neck-throttling at Reliant earlier this year.

The Titans have looked decent at times this year, but lack the defense to keep the Texans out of sync. As far as the offense goes, young dual-threat quarterback Jake Locker is back under center coming off of an injury. The Titans have made a switch to Dowell Loggains, the former QB’s coach, to be the new OC which will likely lead to a ball-chucking attempt to reinvent the wheel on offense. I’m sure his ideas look good on paper, and I’m sure when he sees Locker hit Washington for a couple of 10 yard passes that he’ll bust out his complicated routes and have Jake chuck-and-pray a few right into the hands of Texans ball-hawks. Speaking of, the very man who took Locker out earlier this year will be playing center field in Glover Quin. Nothing says “welcome back” like a pick-6.

The Titans are already thinking about their draft position for next year, and whether promoting a former Razorback to OC is a good idea when he wants to pass the ball 65%+ of the time. Chris Johnson looks bored and disheveled in the backfield, and Titan players only look into the game when they are reminded that they are paid to play football when it’s close at the end. High-pressure from J.J. Swatt and Smith should bring a rough day for Locker.

I’ve mentioned, however, that the Texans need to get it together. They ran a very well-balanced offense all season, and have barely eeked out a couple of wins as they try and lower the work-load for Foster by spelling Forsett and passing more often. As the season wanes, I hope that Kubiak gets back to the bread-and-butter balance that moved the ball for them so well before they hit the field in January. For Texan’s fan’s sakes, I hope that they don’t try and reinvent themselves for the playoffs, and keep on doing what they’ve been doing in order to be more relevant in the postseason than a “Yates almost.”

Kubiak will coach a Texan’s wake-up call that will likely feature yet another 300+yard passing game from Schaub and a couple of turnover forced by the Texans to keep the music city to a hum. In a game that will look very familiar to an earlier contest this year, the Texans will post a 41-17 win on the road in Nashville.


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