2012 NFL Week 12 Recap, Analysis: Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


The Jaguars were opportunistic in Sundays match up at home against the Titans. Tennessee was rusty and began the game so slowly that by the time things were clicking it only took one mistake for the game to be out of reach.

The Jags received the opening kickoff, and the Titans showed their bye-weakness by getting hit with an encroachment penalty on the very first play. It caused Munchak to face palm before there was even a snap. Then in the pattern of Jaguar football this year, the new Jacksonville Savior under center, Chad Henne, threw an interception on the very first play. It looked like another sad road to 60 minutes in Jacksonville. However, on the ensuing drive the Titans couldn’t even move the ball 9 yards much less ten. They settled for a Bironas field goal, which was something they settled for too often and ended up paying for in the end.

The two teams traded blows in the first half as the Jaguars went into halftime up 7-6 after a Rashad Jennings touchdown run and another Bironas field goal. After the half, the Jaguars looked like a whole different team. They controlled the ball and the clock, and played some stout defense (albeit a bit easier against an offense out of sync) to hold the Titans to field goals when they got in the red zone. Henne had a great game after his stage fright first play as he posted a 108 passer rating on his way to his first win as a starter since December of 2010.

It was refreshing to watch, but all I could think is how I felt bad that they may now have to leave the number one pick to either KC or Carolina. I know that’s a tad meek, but for a franchise that is struggling to not be sold-off to some far away land, the draft value is a legitimate consideration. The Chiefs and the Jaguars are in need of a spark at the Quarterback position, and although Henne has looked pretty solid I’m sure ownership would like to get a much more marketable rookie in either Gino Smith out of West Virginia, or Razorback Tyler Wilson. There isn’t an Andrew Luck in this year’s draft, but the past few draft classes have proven that the NCAA spawns some effective rookies as of late.

Shahid Khan may turn out to be the slyest NFL owner of all time. He may have bought himself a franchise that he can sell to LA or England with a high first round draft pick in the package and make himself a bundle. The Jaguars season is still very much a joke, even with a solid win like this week’s, and I’m sure somewhere in suite at the stadium a long bushy moustache is being stroked villainously.


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