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2012 NFL Week 12 Recap, Analysis: San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints

Believe the hype. This game was definitely deserving of it. Colin Kaepernick continued to shine, and it now looks like the starting gig, whether Jim Harbaugh will say it publicly or not, is his to lose. Sucks to be Alex Smith.

Kaepernick was once again, good from start to finish, and outdueled Drew Brees for his first road victory as the starter. He was making plays with his feet again, and scored on a 7 yard scamper in the first. Unlike most athletic quarterbacks though, this guy can throw too. He continued to work his Michael Vick (from when he was good) impression masterfully, and threw yet another touchdown from outside the pocket in this game, avoiding the all of sudden relevant Saints pass rush. At this rate, Kaepernick is going to make Alex Smith very expendable, very fast.

The defense was as unforgiving as always. They made one of the league’s best quarterbacks look average for parts of the game, and even forced two pick-sixes from the future hall of famer. This Niners secondary must be sick of hearing about the Seahawks’, and played like men possessed. Whitner and Goldson were punishing receivers all day, and throwing their bodies around with reckless abandon, surely instilling fear into the opposing receivers. Just ask the still dazed Colston, as he tries to piece together what happened on Sunday following his Goldson forced backflip.

I never felt Alex Smith was the problem in San Francisco, but if Kaepernick keeps playing this well, maybe I’ll just have to admit I was wrong on this one. The young quarterback adds so many dynamics that just weren’t there with Smith, and still manages to keep his turnovers low. Make this sundays showing yet another example of why the San Francisco 49ers are the team to beat in the NFC. With their new explosive quarterback, and their stifling defense they managed to make the desperate Saints look as average in Week 12 as they did the first four weeks.


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