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2012 NFL Week 12 Recap, Analysis: New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

It’s hard to even begin to describe the perfect storm that was witnessed on Thanksgiving night between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.        

First there was the Patriots, fresh off a 59-24 shelling of the Indianapolis Colts and a team that owns the best turnover margin in the league, by a long shot.

Then there were the Jets, a team that had appeared to regroup in St. Louis and seemed poised to at least make a game out of it at home against a divisional rival.

Then the game started.

Now, we knew coming in that the Patriots offense was going to put up some points. We also knew that their defense was probably going to create some sort of turnover. What we did NOT know was that the Jets were barely going to make them work for either of those things. After a scoreless first quarter, the Patriots outscored the Jets 35-3 in the 2nd. The Patriots recorded 3 passing touchdowns, 1 defensive touchdown, and 1 special teams touchdown in less than 12 minutes. As impressive as that sounds, your backyard Thanksgiving all-star team probably could’ve done close to the same, with the way the Jets were playing.                      

The Jets had 3 turnovers in the first half (5 overall), led by their quarterback Mark Sanchez, who’s fumble was returned for a touchdown after he ran the wrong play (admittedly), did a face plant into his own lineman (which he described as unlucky), and fumbled without being touched by the opposing team. It was THAT kind of night for the Jets.

To put it plainly: It was embarrassing to utmost degree in every aspect of the game. Offensively, defensively, coaching, special teams, etc. It was easily the most embarrassing NFL game I have seen to date.

It was so bad that Kansas City Chiefs fans were sitting at home enjoying their Thanksgiving feasts, being thankful they weren’t Jets fans. Yes, the same 1-9 chiefs who have only had a lead twice all year. That is how bad the Jets were.

On the other side of the field, the Patriots were all business. Brady threw for over 300 yards and accumulated 4 scores as the offense put up over 450 of offense yet again, the defense was hitting harder than I had seen all year, and the special teams came up with another touchdown for the second week in a row.

Bottom line for the Patriots: they looked every bit the part of a Super Bowl favorite on Thursday night.         

Bottom line for the Jets: they were being punished by God for how they have handled Tim Tebow this year….just kidding…

…but seriously.

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