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2012 NFL Week 12 Recap, Analysis: Miami Dolphins vs. Seattle Seahawks

Well, apparently the bye was far from helpful for the Seattle Seahawks. In what was an awful day for the Seahawks, they lost their first game off the bye and could have lost their two starting cornerbacks for the next four games. Yowza.

The Seahawks were flat on offense in the early going, and it could’ve got ugly in a hurry in a hurry if it weren’t for the defense. They couldn’t get the running game to work, and it took several three and outs before they got anything going. They were flat and then some. Then Russell Wilson took over. He completed 16 straight at one point, and looked even better than I thought he would against the porous Miami pass defense. The way he was creating plays with his feet, scrambling in and out of the pocket, creating passing lanes, it really was something to behold.

The defense played well early on, but couldn’t keep up with the Miami ground game; something that’s been an issue with the Seahawks defense for a few weeks now. As good as they were early, that’s how bad they were late. They surrendered 17 points in the fourth quarter alone, and couldn’t keep the Dolphins offense at bay for the final drive of the game. One that would end up leading to the tying field goal.

An awe inspiring effort from Wilson, and even a 96 yard kickoff return from the explosive Leon Washington weren’t enough to pull out the road victory. If these Seahawks want to keep their playoff dreams alive they’re going to have to learn how to win on the road, especially against less talented teams. Even worse for the Seahawks, based on recent reports, they might have to learn how to do that without arguably their two best players on defense.


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