2012 NFL Week 12 Recap, Analysis: Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams


Well, this wasn’t as boring a game as I thought it would be. Leave it to the two recently suspended Rams to really add some excitement to this clash between the NFC West’s worst teams. The Rams snapped their winless skid, and the Cards continued their downward spiral towards a high draft pick with their 7th straight loss.

On offense the Rams played just well enough to win. Steven Jackson had himself another great game tallying 139 yards on only 24 carries, and Bradford didn’t lose the game. Seems like that’s about as good as it gets with the former first overall pick of late. He was 8-of-17 with two touchdowns and an interception. Sure did look great compared to Lindley though.

Just when you think there’s no more room for it, the Cardinals find a way to get worse at quarterback on a seemingly weekly basis. Lindley was awful in his first career start, and didn’t get nearly as much help from the running game, or play calling as he should have. I don’t care how often you’re trailing, if you’ve got a rookie 6th round pick starting at quarterback, there is no excuse good enough for him to have 52 passing attempts.

Few divisions show the value of a great cornerback tandem quite like the NFC west, and it was showcased quite well on Sunday. Even the basement dwellers have good tandems in this division. Janoris Jenkins had two pick-sixes, and both teams combined for a total of five interceptions on the day. The difference, though, was that the Rams were able to keep Arizona’s barely used running game in check, whereas the Cardinals got ran all over. An ode to smash mouth football if I’ve ever seen one from the St. Louis squad.

As good as I’m sure the Rams would like to feel about this victory, they really shouldn’t. They beat a 6th round pick, rookie quarterback, and their injury riddled, demoralized defense by a margin of two touchdowns. It could be argued that they could have lost this game if it weren’t for Jenkins two defensive touchdowns. If this team doesn’t start getting more out of Bradford, wins are gonna stay few and far between. As for the Cardinals, just keep on hanging on to the thought of a top five pick, it looks like they can at least deliver on that front.


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