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2012 NFL Week 12 Quarterback Power Rankings: Redskins, Cowboys, Giants, Eagles

Of all the quarterbacks in the NFL, the NFC East has four of the “premier” play callers behind a center. This season, however, those “premier” QBs are about as consistent as each team they play for. In a season that arguably began with only one QB worthy of the term “premier,” suddenly two more are up-and-coming. Sadly, one team has nothing they can consider “average,” let alone “premier.” After 11 weeks, what began as an “Eli Manning stands alone” season is now turned on its head, which is why we begin with the best QB to come out of last Sunday.

  1. Robert Griffin the Third

Griffin came into the NFL as a rookie this season, with all his guns blazing. He can throw the ball. He can run the ball. In his first-ever regular season game, when the Redskins beat the New Orleans Saints, Griffin threw with 73% accuracy for 320 yards and 2 touchdowns. His QB Rating was 139.9, and the kid looked like the hottest thing since, well, Cam Newton. After that game, with the exception of a game in Tampa and hosting Minnesota, Griffin’s team could not win a game. His numbers tell the tale too. Three INTs. Three games with no touchdowns. Only throwing one or two touchdowns per game. But those numbers don’t tell the story of his pinpoint accuracy: Griffin only threw one game with less than a 60 percent completion rate.

Then came that Sunday against the Eagles, where Griffin really showed us what he can do. Of the 361 yards of offense generated against Philly, Griffin was directly responsible for 284 of them: 200 in the air, 84 on the ground. Four TDs. No INTs. Numbers like that will keep him on top of the QB power rankings if he can be a little more consistent.

  1. Tony Romo

 I can hear the Philly fans now. “What? Ain’t no way this goomba’s gonna put Romo above Vick.” Tony Romo has been, for better or worse, the most consistent QB in the division. He opened his season against the New York Giants with a 76% completion for 307 yards, three TDs (and an INT). In fact, Romo has as many INTs as he does TDs, 13. But think about this: 9 of those interceptions came in just two games. He threw five against Chicago and four against the same Giants he beat up on in Week One.

Romo has not thrown an INT in 3 games, and of the four games he has gone without an interception, Dallas has won three of them (the loss was by two field goals in that Sunday game at Atlanta). He goes head-to-head with Griffin tomorrow. It should be interesting how Romo’s offensive line adjusts to the ‘Skins. They’ve given up 24 sacks thus far, seven of those coming last week against a struggling Cleveland Brown team.

  1. Eli Manning

Just as predictable as flu season, Eli Manning suffers from the second half sniffles. Historically, Manning has imploded at the halfway point of the season.

This year is no different. In his past three games, Manning has thrown no TDs and four INTs. He’s just shy of Romo’s TD-for-INT ratio with 12-for-11. Last year, after starting the season 6-2, the Giants dropped five of their next 6. Sounding familiar?

Yes, the Giants are coming off a bye. That’s really good for Eli’s “tired arm” and that whole Ron Jawarski-inspired controversy. Judging from some of his throws in the Giants’ loss to the Bengals a couple weeks ago, it looked more like a tired mind. He plays the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night. And the Packers are hot, winning five-in-a-row. I hope, for the sake of Giants’ fans everywhere, that the right bye at the right time was all you needed.

  1. Michael Vick/Nick Foles

Really? Do I have to write about this one?


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