2012 NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Browns


The AFC North teams played well as a whole in week 11 while putting up a 2-2 week, with one game being divisional.  That big showdown in Pittsburgh lived up to the hype, the Bengals continue their solid play, and the Browns almost pulled off an incredible upset in Dallas.  Let’s see how the AFC North shakes out divisionally and in the NFL as a whole in week 12’s Power Rankings.

5)  The Ravens do it yet again.  Baltimore has flirted with defeat time after time this season yet has found ways to claw away victory from the jaws of defeat.  This year it took a punt return after not being able to put the ball in the end zone on offense.  No one, on either side of the ball, played particularly great.  Maybe that is something to be said about the leadership, both in the coaching staff and on the team.  This team has battled adversity all year and has kept the ship sailing toward the postseason and that is why they move up to #5 in my Power Rankings.

8)  The Pittsburgh Steelers fall one spot in this week’s Power Rankings after their tough loss to the Ravens.  Of course Byron Leftwich was forced into action because of Big Ben’s injury, but the Steelers had opportunities to win the game.  I couldn’t drop them too far in my rankings, but a loss is a loss and the Steelers are now sitting in a very difficult situation looking up at the Ravens.  This loss makes their next showdown against the Ravens in a couple weeks a must win game.

20)  The Cincinnati Bengals continue their climb in the Power Rankings this week after handedly beating the Kansas City Chiefs.  This win marks the second in a row and they have been really impressive in both wins.  With several winnable games coming up on the schedule, the Bengals could continue their climb up the power rankings if Andy Dalton and BenJarvus Green-Ellis can continue to put up points for the Bengals offense.

30)  The Cleveland Browns almost broke their losing streak with an impressive win over the Cowboys—almost.  The tallied another loss on their schedule, but they did play pretty well on both sides of the ball, so they didn’t fall in my rankings.  Brandon Weeden continues to struggle while Trent Richardson had a pretty solid game, amassing nearly 150 yards of total offense.  Still though, the Browns need to improve all over the field if they want to have a chance to beat the Steelers this week, Roethlisberger or not.


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