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2012 NFL Week 12 Breakdown: Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars heroic battle against the Texans was a David and Goliath story with no little stones. Chad Henne was suddenly Joe Montana in a trench fight that featured 6 lead changes ending ultimately in a ‘Dre Johnson screen for an overtime touchdown and win for the Texans. The Jaguars showed a little pride and determination for the first time this year, but were finally bested by their lack of run offense. There’s no reason to think that the same MoJo will be back this week, in fact MoJo Drew won’t be back either.

It doesn’t matter how good your passing game is, if you can’t run the ball you will be lucky to move it. This is shown in teams like the Lions, or even Oakland and Cincinnati. Jacksonville will likely be cannon fodder for a run-of-the-mill Titans team to add two late notches in the win column and have their season look much better as they face them again in week 17.

The Titans looked great last game before their bye week in a 37-3 thrashing of the Miami Dolphins. I do imagine there will be a bye week hangover and some timing problems on offense, but their defense will likely play better than it has. The Titans don’t exactly hover of the Jaguars numbers this year, which is honestly pathetic. They have a much more loyal and active fan base, they aren’t being distracted by thoughts of relocation, they have more talent on defense, and play an old brand of football that Fisher left unfinished in the hands of Mike Munchak. They win games with silly plays and wild schemes that they need to be lucky in order to be successful at. Nashville deserves a better team, one that can win a Super Bowl, and play the game in a way that’s not behind the times. Frankly, if I were a Titans fan I’d hope to lose out, get a better draft pick and get some new coaching. Adding two Jacksonville wins in a pretty tough schedule to end the season (though a couple of them may feature a bunch of bench-warmers) will likely keep Munchaks Job.

Kendall Wright has been a bright spot out a of a high-flying Baylor program as he has 43 for 390 yards. He is targeted often (70 times) as a slot receiver, but being fired at in crossing and slant routes by either Locker or Hasselbeck has made accuracy more of an issue than drops. On the ground Chris Johnson looks like he will break 1000 yards rushing, but in a very ineffective way. He tends to bust out a long run at the end of games when it doesn’t matter after averaging about 2 yards a carry for most of the game. Titans fans have to see things like that and hope they don’t make the playoffs in order to not be embarrassed by more complete teams. Being a perpetual C- has got to be really stressful for people in Tennessee.

The Jaguars should look like their old selves, and the Titans will look better than usual in a 24-10 Titans win on the road.


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