2012 NFL Week 12 Breakdown: Miami Dolphins vs. Seattle Seahawks


Healthy, re-energized and re-focused coming off the bye, expect the Seahawks to pull out a tough road victory against the reeling Dolphins on the road. The Seahawks are on somewhat of a roll of late, and with the playoffs just around the corner, and the upstart Buccaneers at their tales, motivating this squad should be no problem for Pete Carroll. The Dolphins on the other hand, are starting to work their way out of the AFC Wild Card race. Not that they should have even been there to begin with.

Both offenses feature rookie quarterbacks, that are for the most part exceeding expectations, at the helm, and a heavily emphasized rush attack. They even mirror each other in terms of how weak their receiving corps are. The key difference, Ryan Tannehill turns the ball over. A lot. Russell Wilson, not so much. Where Tannehill impresses with total yards, Wilson’s efficiency leads to touchdowns. Both quarterbacks have great careers ahead of them, but as for now I’m giving the edge to Wilson and the rest of the Seahawks on offense. Sidney Rice just keeps on getting better, and don’t even get me started on Lynch.

The Dolphins defense has had its moments this season, but overall they have been a very average bunch. They defend well against the run, but rank 27th in pass defense. This could be a good chance for Wilson to put up some big numbers. The Seahawks, on the other hand, are about as stingy as they get. They are 3rd in passing defense, and 11th in the run. What I’m trying to say is, playing Miami Dolphins on your fantasy roster this Sunday might not be a good idea.

I can’t see the Seahawks losing this game. There is too much at stake, they have too much momentum, and they are just simply better than the Dolphins at nearly every position. If the Seahawks can play half as well in this road contest, as they have been in recent home games, it could get ugly. I doubt that will be the case though, and I am predicting them to leave Miami with a 23 - 9 win.


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