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2012 NFL Week 12 Breakdown: Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills

It’s difficult to draw much from Week 11 for both Indianapolis and Buffalo who face off in Week 12. Buffalo edged a Miami Dolphins team who slid to a three game losing streak amidst a promising start. Indianapolis looked like boys against men in a 59-24 thumping by the New England Patriots and played their game plan tough until the end of the half and were simply out-classed thereon after. In order to gain some respect and create a little buzz about Luck and his offense, the Colts are going to have to beat a vulnerable scrapper such as the Buffalo Bills.

Both teams play some humdrum defense, and they both have a biased and unbalanced offense. The Colts rank 8th in passing, riding Luck’s Golden Boy arm down the field into the hands of some spunky youngsters and Uncle Reggie Wayne. They have improved their running tandem picking up an impressive rookie in Vick Ballard to share the load with Donald Brown, but as has been the story for the last 3 years, the Colts lack a run-blocking offensive line as they mortgaged their future with lineman more focused on pass-blocking.

The Bills rank 8th in rushing as CJ Spiller’s fantastic playmaking ability can net big rewards if they can get him in the open field. Spiller has some of the best acceleration I’ve ever seen, I loved watching him at Clemson. Whether it was returning kicks or coming out of the back field, Spiller showed how he can wow you with his evasiveness and has that x-factor burst once he gets free. On 109 carries, CJ has 723 yards which is a very impressive average, and with Fred Jackson healthy we should see Spiller be effective. Fitzpatrick also uses Spiller as a check down target, and there are even a few plays designed for him as he has grabbed 31 for 336 in the air, which also opens up the rest of the game.

There is not much defense to be spoken of in this game, though both teams have a lot of talent on the d-side of the ball. However I wouldn’t expect a high-scoring affair as both offenses have shown that although they possess the long-ball threat that they have trouble sustaining drives. Lots of field goals and punts in a 23-17 Colt win at home.


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