2012 NFL Week 12 Breakdown: Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams


This week's NFC West matchup features two of the divisions worst, in what will likely be a very unexciting game. Expect three and outs aplenty, turnovers aplenty and, conversely, for scoring drives to be few and far between. With Ryan Lindley making his first career start and Beanie Wells probable for this Sunday’s matchup, I’m thinking that just might provide the spark that the Cardinals need to pull out a victory. That’s right folks. I’m predicting the Cards will actually win a game.

Both offenses leave their fans and coaches with much to be desired. Their respective passing attacks have been pitiful, with the occasional spurt of average play. Where one of these teams has depth the other does not, and it shows from week to week. To make matters worse for the lowly Cards, they’re expecting Lindley to make his first start against the team that just about destroyed Kolb in a nine sack night earlier this season. I can only hope the offensive line protects him a little better.

Bradford had another one of those weeks where you question his being chosen first overall last week. He just looked so painfully average. He turned the ball over, he was inaccurate, and he just couldn’t seem to get anything going. The Rams are hoping he can bounce back from that weak effort, but against this Cardinals defense that forced 5 Matt Ryan interceptions just a week ago, I’m thinking that’s not all that likely.

Now for the only good part on both teams. Their defenses. The Cardinals just keep on bringing it week after week. They forced 6 turnovers last week against the Falcons, and made their offense look like a high school squad out there. Although I have my doubts they will force 6 turnovers this week, I’m sure they’ll be able to get some. Look for William Gay to maybe have a pick in there. He’s been playing very well of late, and with opposing offenses doing their very best to keep the ball away from Peterson, expect them to underestimate Gay’s ability and pay a hefty price for doing so.

There will be sacks. This same Rams squad that notched 7 in the Thursday Nighter earlier this season are all still healthy, and continuing their dominance at the line of scrimmage. Chris Long has been on fire of late and I’m sure he’ll tally at least one sack on Sunday playing against what is widely regarded as the league's worst offensive line. The Bears give them a run for their money. Janoris Jenkins should also have himself a game, as he looked very good last week following his team imposed suspension.

This game will drag on seemingly forever, but by the time it’s done I like the Cards to come out on top. Ken Whisenhunt sent a clear message to his offense when he named Lindley the starter, and I think they’ll respond just well enough to win. I’m taking the Cardiac Cards by a score of 13-7.


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