2012 NFL Week 11 Recap, Analysis: New York Jets vs. St. Louis Rams


If the Rams are ever going to take that next step forward, they’re going have to win what should be gimme games. They of course did no such thing when the circus came to town, banged up, on the road, and having to deal with the newest Tebow related media insanity. They had every opportunity to win this one too, and I think that is what’s most upsetting about this loss.

The Jets’ world renowned - for all the wrong reasons - offense didn’t look so bad in this game. As a matter of fact I’d say they outplayed the Rams in every facet on offense. The Jets were able to move the ball well, and best of all kept it out of the opposing defenders hands. The Rams offense wasn’t able to do the same. Bradford didn’t look very comfortable, and the Rams had three turnovers. Hard to win the game when you lose the turnover battle by three. That is, of course, unless you are playing the Cardinals.

The Jets’ defense played well, forcing three turnovers and holding the Rams at bay on third downs, allowing conversion on only 5 of 16 tries. There wasn’t a whole lot of pressure on Bradford, but that was probably a result of their injury depleted secondary more than anything. An injury depleted secondary that was able to hold Amendola to a season low 41 yards on the day.

The Rams defense had an alright game too. They didn’t give up much, just enough for the Jets to win really. They were able to pressure the quarterback, and get three sacks on the day, two of which were by Chris Long. Janoris Jenkins had a good return from his team imposed suspension, with a blocked field goal, a defended pass and four tackles.

Rams really should have been able to pull this one out. Jeff Fisher can’t be happy with his team's efforts, and who can blame him. If this team is good enough to tie the Niners on the road, they should have no problem with the Jets. Then again, predicting how young teams play is borderline impossible, and the Rams just made that perfectly clear.


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