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2012 NFL Week 11 Preview: Falcons vs. Cardinals

In what is probably the most lopsided match in all of week 11, sorry Cards fans, your team is on the bad end of it. The good news is by some wild stretch of the imagination, there is some small glimmer of hope for your team if Julio Jones is a no go. Seriously though, your chances are just about as bad even if he’s out.

On offense the Cardinals are outmatched at every position by the high flying Falcons, yes even wide receiver. I’ll take depth over top end talent any day, even a talent like Larry Fitzgerald. The quarterbacks in this match couldn’t be any further apart in just about every statistical category, with oft mentioned MVP candidate at the midway mark Matt Ryan holding the league's fourth highest passer rating, and Skelton holding the league’s lowest amongst quarterbacks that qualify. The historically run heavy Falcons also feature a great duo of running backs in Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers (a member of the all names team), that should give the Cardinals fits in combination with their well regarded offensive line. Needless to say I’m expecting it to be a high scoring game, just not a close one. If you catches my drift.

Both defenses have been playing great all year but you gotta give the edge to the Cards. They currently have the 8th best defense in the league, but have showed serious signs of fatigue of late. Can’t imagine how good they would look if they ever had a little leeway, or help from their offense or special teams. The bend but don’t break Falcons defense are no pushover either, and should be playing like men possessed following their loss to the Saints last week, their first of the season. As good as both defenses are, there is just no accounting for field position or time of possession or how much that can help a unit, and I just expect the Falcons to be much better situated in both of these in-game dynamics from start to finish.

Sorry Cardinals fans, as I’m sure you’re all too used to hearing, it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. Much, much, much, worse. Based purely on their starting rosters I can’t give the Cardinals even a hope in hell to win this game, but taking into account that the game is in Atlanta, and they just got their first loss of the season, things aren’t looking too good. I’m thinking the Falcons come out on top 38 - 13.

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